Like can we talk about this beautiful woman right here? She saves the world not once but twice all while throwing a concert and getting her man at the end of the day. You see her grow so much as a person from X to X-2. She goes from this meek girl who is willing to throw her life away to this proud woman that has learned to cherish life so much that she basically tells Nooj to go fuck himself when he proposes his dangerously stupid plan to defeat Shuyin.

Yet, through all of that you still have people who bash her character and her game. However, the worst insult I’ve seen is that the FFX-2 isn’t the “real” Yuna and completely ignore the game.

Haha. No. You’re a fool.

If you ever, ever, ever, EVER, make this statement than you don’t know the “real” Yuna. If you call her and her cousin a slut because of their clothing (when about 95% of Spira dresses that way) then you are ignorant. You don’t understand the significance of everything in FFX-2; how she is free of the burden of being a summoner, free of Yevon, free to live. She could do whatever she wants to do yet she still helps people. Because she is still “Yunie.” She expected to defeat Sin and die. Now she has the chance to do everything she never even expected to do. She’s finding herself while continuing to help the planet she was willing to give up her life for.And if you can’t see that because you can’t handle two minutes of jpop and Sailor Moon-type girl power than you need to get swallowed by Sin.

I can wait til my Limited Edition of the Remaster comes so I can see my baby kicking ass in HD. Yuna is hands down my favorite Final Fantasy Protagonist. Yep go home boys.