Kodi Smit-McPhee as baby Kurt! Oh my god y'all, look at all the shit we can glean from this pic: 

  • Kurt has not some, but all of his facial markings from X2 (I wonder if Daemon Rowanchilde came back for the design process). This is SUPER DUPER GRIM NEWS as we know from X2 that these marks are self inflicted. That means baby Kurt has been self harming for quite a while. They better address that and talk about how sad that is, or make a whole new reason for the creation of his markings. Poor child! :( 
  •  The traditional red and black motif is clear here, as it was in the image of him out with the rest of the x-kids at the mall. I think what’s really neat is that his shirt highly resembles his shirt from X2! Someone on that set is paying serious attention to X2 continuity for Kurt and I am flipping my shit I’m so damn happy 
  •  His bio blurb said he provides ‘comic relief’: he’s going to be funny! We get gloomy catholic Kurt and goofball comedian Kurt all rolled into one for once, somebody pinch me, God is real 
  •  Also also also: he has emo kid blue streaks in his emo kid hair!!!! I can’t. Too cute. 

 Honestly I’m just so overwhelmed because holy titswaggle y'all, we are not only getting Kurt back in the X-MCU, we are getting X2 Kurt in miniature, and X2 Kurt is the love of my life I can’t believe this is really happening Im SO JAZZED FOR THIS MOVIE