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Donnie Brooks’ 2015 WWE Tough Enough Submission

It’s a long shot and a half for me to get chosen to compete on Tough Enough, but I would kick myself in the ass years from now if I didn’t at least submit a video. I’ve been keeping my eye on the Tough Enough Twitter and have seen two people I know so far have their videos posted on there, so let’s try and get mine posted too. Even if I don’t make it on the show the exposure would be helpful!

Video Link:

Please Copy the link above and tweet the video using #ToughEnough and make sure to mention me (@GoodLooksDonnie) and @WWEToughEnough

*don’t start the tweet with a mention because it won’t show up to your followers on your timeline*

Thank you all so much. You guys never let me down, and I’ll try to return the favor in my ventures as a professional wrestler.