You’ve got to watch this speech from the Philadelphia Women’s March that implores white women to think about who they’re really marching for

“Intersectionality ensures that we listen to our each other’s experiences beyond our personal understanding,” said speaker Ericka Hart. “Intersectionality takes time and forces us to be intentional in our inclusion. Intersectionality centers those who are most marginalized, those who are always fighting for their lives regardless of who is president.”

Gifs: Zuri Pryor-Graves


as badly as i need a new jl trailer like i need oxygen, wb is doing the right thing giving the spotlight to ww, she more than deserves it and i’m glad they are playing this smart and giving her the time she deserves before the boys join in on the fun later this year. 

I’m seeing a lot of complaints and cries of “please be good!” when it comes to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, as if it’s not the movie that people on tumblr have been demanding since before Jesus walked the earth. So we’re about to get a WW movie and now people have trepidation? Now people are going to hold it to a standard just above “solid brick of gold story telling”? 

This movie is going to be judged to hell and back by the very same people that begged for it to be made, and these very same people all have One Way they want the story to be told. I mean, y’all already know it’s not going to do what you want it to do, so maybe chill out, watch the trailers again, and go in not expecting anything but Diana and her supporting cast fighting during The War to End All Wars against Ares and his crew. 

That’s all there is to it, any further complaints can be directed to the first person who cares, because it sure isn’t me.