“Even while longing to once wrestling in elementary school fifth grade, there is also the parent of the opposite if you are giving up immediately, I had forgotten the other wrestling.

And watching Kanemoto’s game at such time "I want to fight like this! I think. ”

The impulse can not be stopped, we decided to this time “become professional wrestler”.

Since then, every day to the muscle training while watching the Kanemoto’s game in the World Pro Wrestling. “ - Arisa Nakajima

HOLY SH****!!!!!!!!! Ring Of Honor will now be part of Destination America’s weekly schedule! We will now get IMPACT Wrestling, Lucha Underground,WWE NXT all in one night. I’m super excited for this, each of the companies will have to bring their “A” game against each other. Lucha Underground should continue delivering excellent matches, NXT in my opinion should expand to 2-hours and IMPACT should also continue on the high road that they’re in. Idk if the IMPACT cancellation in the fall is true(I hope it’s not) but goddamn this is alot of wrestling to handle on one day. I’m very happy for Ring Of Honor and hope they deliver the same amazing quality stuff that they always have been(it’ll probably be better).