lipstick (mildly m+) feat. woohyun

Oh my God, I’m such a terrible mess.

I’m turned on by the tabloids, you would never have guessed, that I’m a sucker for their gossip — man, I take it too far.

“You should tell him,” you peeped behind your locker door to see the back of your friend’s head greeting you, her brown hair in a messy ponytail, “He’s alone. You should tell him.”

“Tell him what, exactly?” you said amusedly, stuffing your books into your locker and playing nonchalant, earning a scoff from her. You simply smiled with innocence, closing the locker door shut afterwards.

“___, please, you’ve been practically smitten with Woohyun longer than you and I have been friends,” she replied easily. You shrugged casually, looking at the direction she was formerly looking in, the sight of Woohyun’s handsome face lighting up your line of vision. She was right, of course. You had been smitten with Woohyun for a very long time.

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[Fancam] EXO, Yoseob(B2st), Woohyun (Infinite),nichkhun (2PM)’s reactions to VOODOO DOLL+ ON &ON  at SBS GAYO DAEJON

warm feat. woohyun

Tell me again, was it love at first sight? 

When I walked by and you caught my eye.

Winter was a rather boring season. Namely before the snow started to fall, leaving all the plants dead and the atmosphere dry with cold winds whipping at your face far too constantly. 

Sure, the cold weather was nice. The cozy blankets and warm fires, the comfy sweaters and the hot chocolate — it was soothing. Especially when you had a boyfriend like Woohyun to cuddle up against.

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