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[TRANS] 150830 ZICO’s Instagram Update:

아쉬움이 남지만 후회없는 무대였습니다.
승패를 떠나서 쇼미더머니를 통해 제가 자신있게 여기는 것들은 여과없이
보여주고 들려드린것같아 홀가분한 마음입니다.
지팔팀을 만나게돼서 너무 행복했고
앞으로 각자의 영역에서 더 멋진 모습 보여드리겠습니다!
#finale #zipal #end #smtm4 #noregets

Even though it’s a little sad it was a stage with no regrets.
We didn’t win but through Show Me The Money I think I was able to show a confident side without any filter, it was carefree.
I feel very happy that Zipal team met each other.
In the future, through each other’s own activities we will show a cooler image!
#finale #zipal #end #smtm4 #noregets

Trans by: antmino
Please take out with full credit.

When his girlfriend is on her period~

The woo song edition


[MH] Jagi? are you almost ready?

*he calls to you from the kitchen and you rush around the bedroom, grabbing your bag and rummaging through it, praying to the gods that your spare tampon was in there, cause otherwise you were screwed*

*just as you find it, you feel Mino come up behind you, his hands going to your hips and his head rests on your shoulder*

[MH] Jagi! come on, we’re going to be late…

[Y/N] I just need to check my make-up…

[MH] Baby, come on, your make-up is fine, lets go!

[Y/N] Mino, I just need to…

*he pulls on your arm and tries to get you to walk towards the door*

[MH] Jagiya- come ON…

[Y/N] Mino! Seriously! I need to go to the bathroom.

[MH] you not want to go anymore? is that why you’re taking so long?

[Y/N] Babe, its not that, honestly i just-

[MH] or is it cause you don’t want to go with me?

[Y/N] Jagi…no, listen, i just-

*he sits on the bed fiddling with something as his voice gets more and more sad*

[MH] its fine… if you dont. i’ll stay here and-


[MH] oh…jagi…I-


*he nods, looking slightly scared and you head into the bathroom. When you emerge you see him sat in the same place, but with a thoughtful expression on his face*

[MH] Jagi…?

[Y/N] yes, Mino?

[MH] what did you mean by sort it out…?

–A few minutes later–

[MH] Jagi, please don’t tell me anymore.


*you’re snuggled up on the sofa with Jiho, a blanket around you both and you’ve been feeding each other from a pack of maltesers. You’d asked him to buy you some earlier cause it was ‘that time of the month’, and you’d hoped he got the hint. However, by the way his hand was kneading your thigh, you thought maybe not…*

[ZC] Jagi…

*you looked up at him*

[Y/N] yes, Jiho?

[ZC] you look REALLY pretty tonight Jagi…

[Y/N] I’m not in the mood Jiho.

*you feel him shift beneath you as he crosses his arms and when you look up he is pouting*

[ZC] Fine. you didn’t have to say it so bluntly.

[Y/N] I didn’t say it bluntly. i just said-

[ZC] Jagi, i’m just messing with you. 

–a few moments later–

[ZC] Jagi, i love you…

[Y/N] I love you too Jiho.

*he throws his arm around you and you snuggle into him, but as you tune back into the movie you feel his hand begin to pull your t-shirt up*

[Y/N] Jiho. I said i’m not in the mood.

[ZC] but, Jagi-

[Y/N] Jiho, trust me, you don’t want to go there.

[ZC] and what if i do, Jagi *teasing*

[Y/N] then you’ll get one hell of a surprise when you realise what time of the month it is!

*you watch as his eyes widen, and he hurriedly puts your top back down*

[ZC] oh….Jagi, im sorry.

*you continue to watch the rest of the movie, and you end up with your head in Zico’s lap, his hand rubbing your belly*

[ZC] you are really pretty though Jagi….

[Y/N] The answer is still no, Jiho.


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150829 zico instagram update
although there is a lingering feeling to it, it was a stage without regrets. apart from winning or losing, i felt a load off my mind because i felt like i was able to let you see and hear what i am confident in through show me the money. i was really happy to have met team zipal. we will show an even more awesome side of us in each of our own domains! #finale #zipal #end #smtm4 #noregrets [trans: fy-winner]