Get Weird in July: Day 13

A post about an injury you sustained that was totally worth the pain and discomfort because of the surrounding circumstances.

A few years ago, I ran my car off the road on a snowy mountain pass. My legs were shattered. I was rescued by a lonely ex-nurse who was apparently a huge fan of my blog. My “Number one fan,” as she described herself. Over the course of my time with her, during which I found out she was actually quite dangerous and delusional, I learned a lot about how fandom works, and in fact sort of rediscovered my love for writing as she tortured me and forced me to write an original story about Wim, my fictional son.

We had this inside joke where he was supposed to make monthly subscriptions to me. He gave this note to me 5 months into dating about 5 years ago with money taped on to ‘renew his subscription’
I havent removed it since that day and never will even if i’m homeless and 45 cents short of my next meal.

Why cant i remember feeling this ridiculously in love with you.