On Promnis

Promnis has to be, objectively speaking, one of the cutest ships in the FFXV world because both men are total opposite of each other and that plus their attitudes plus context gives me reasons to believe that (mostly at first) the relationship develops VERY shyly and a bit awkward too, and ends up with them asking permission for everything.

Okay, hear me out for a sec:

Ignis is very serious, the most royal human out there, so focused, was gifted child, he’s kinda uptight and formal, and behaves as if twice his age at times, while at times enjoying to deliver jokes and being a little goofy at times. 

Prompto, on the other side, is very bouncy, the joke guy of the party, gets distracted, hops from place to place, and enjoys of games and stuff, while at the same time hiding moments of sadness and loneliness, and he, unlike Ignis, is “plebe”; not only is Ignis part of the royal world, he also demonstrates that with every fiber of his nature even just by standing there.

So it’s very noticeable. For both.

Like sure, Noctis is PRINCE but despite how mature he really is, he behaves much more like his age than Ignis ever does. So despite Ignis being an inferior type of royalty, his attitude makes Prompto feel like he’s the maximum nobleman, like a king.

Those differences that become so obvious leads to both realizing:

Ignis sees in Prompto a man that gives all that he’s got to belong somewhere he clearly doesn’t; he sees a young man that’s too messy (in Ignis opinion) and gets distracted too easily, a young man that, even when only 2 years younger, Ignis feels like he should be protecting and supporting, and he’s so struck in the head at times because, wow, he doesn’t mind I’m always busy and that I’m so cold with him, he’s so sweet, how do I- I need to treat him rightly, he’s suffering and doesn’t admit it, doesn’t want to bother anyone, geez, what have I done, here in my hands I have a lovely boy that needs my protection and care. He sees in Prompto a scared man defying his fears, and Ignis needs to help him through them, and a boy with no experience; hence, be VERY soft with him.

Prompto sees in Ignis a man that would seem so far of his reach but he’s actually with him as a romantic partner, so it’s like, wow, holy geez, the most royal dude of Lucis said yes to me, what do I do. 
Prompto sees in Ignis everything he thinks he’s not: a nobleman, with wood for a king, tall, strong, incredibly smart, gorgeous, mature, responsible.
He sees in Ignis the most important person of Eos, because Ignis is basically the reason Noctis is alive: he cooks and cleans and puts every paper in order and like wow, he’s so important and nobody ever thanks him for all he does, geez, I have the most important man of Lucis in my hands, I need to become stronger and stronger so I can protect him and not be an obstace to him. He sees in Ignis a man that’s defying all the obstacles and pain in the world, so Prompto needs to help him through them, and a man he fears to disappoint: hence, be VERY soft with him.

So it’s how both see a very big, huge, appreciated treasure in each other whih gives them the sensation of having a VERY big responsability in their hands; except they don’t say it aloud to each other.

And it’s that sensation of responsability what leads them to have a beginning (which may  last MONTHS or maybe even a few years) of having the need to ask permission for EVERYTHING.

  • Uhm…you know, Iggy, we’ve been….we’ve been dating for a while now, and I…you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, buddy, but I was thinking…maybe it’s okay if I hold your hand? Maybe you don’t wanna because you seem to enjoy of your space, but ahaha, you know, I thought…oh…okay…thanks. I uh…thanks. :)
  • It’s been a month since we started our relationship, Prompto…and even though it may seem rushed, I do would dare to ask if it is okay… *clears throat* May I have the honor of calling you by “Prom” or another form of your name? Your full name is precious, but I think it would be…gratifying. 
  • Hey Iggy…I was wondering, maybe it’s fine with you if I send you a good morning text at times? You don’t…you don’t have to answer, I just wanted to know if it’s okay with you, if I?m not a bother or anything?
  • Prompto…I was wondering…I know it may seem a bit strange, but, do you think I could stroke your hair? It would just be as a playful gesture of affection, your hair is fine, I do not wish to…*clears throat* Thanks.
  • Iggy, I know I may be rushing things a bit, but…do you think it’s okay if I…do you think it’s okay if I hug you at times? That is, if I’m not distracting you or anything, I uh,…
  • Prompto…it’s been almost a year, and I…I have this feeling inside, a need of sorts, if you please But I wanted to ask you first…do you think…I could go a bit further in our relationship, and perhaps you’d et me call you ‘Sweetheart’? If you do not like that, however, I can think of something else. Darling, maybe? Or would you rather choose yourself? You don’t have to agree, nonetheless. If you please, I can keep calling you by your name.
  • Hey Iggy, I know this may seem a bit rushed, but…would you…would you…I think maybe you’d like- here’s my Netflix password. You can…I mean, I know you don’t hav emuch free time, but…have it.
  • Prompto? Hello, my dear. I was calling…I had an impulse. I apologize. And I hope you don’t think it’s too much, but…I bought a flower for you. Is it okay if I go pick you up at school and give it to you?
  • Hey, Iggy? I was calling because…well, I’m at arcade with Noct, and I just got tickets enough to change them for a cooking book, but…I was not sure if you’d like it- I mean, I only wanted to make sure that it’s not…too creepy if I gift it to you. Is-is that fine with you?
  • And my absolute fucking fave:
  • It’s been like 6 months, 6 MONTHS
  • They’re walking hand in hand together, and Ignis stops Prompto and turns to face him and he holds both of his hands and looks down at him
  • “Prompto…we’ve been together for a while now and I… *clears throat* I was wondering…you don’t have to if you don’t want, but…I was thinking…maybe taking the next step in our relationship…”
  • Prompto’s currently about to have a heart attack.
  • “…Do you think…if it’s okay…Prompto, would you…allow me to give you a kiss?”
  • Prompto’s brain died.
  • He’s thinking a million things and at the same time none.
  • He really really really doesn’t want to disappoint Ignis
  • I’ve kissed very few people in my life I can count them with my fingers, how many has HE kissed omg probably not many either but he’s anyway 2 years in advantage to me, plus he’s gorgeous and I was a fat kid, ofc he has experiencewhatdoidoi’mgoingtodie
  • Except he really really really wants to kiss Ignis, so he’s all red but eventually nods.
  • Ignis is still holding his hands, and gently massages with his thumbs
  • “Thank you. I…here I go. Okay?”
  • Prompto nods again and he shuts the eyes closed very tightly and he raises the chin.
  • He’s still burning red.
  • Ignis takes some moments.
  • Prompto, still scared to disappoint, just stands there all tense and frozen and offering his mouth to the other man.
  • He feels Ignis’ face a few inches from his face.
  • Ignis, very softly as if though at the slightest pressure Prompto’s face is going to shatter like glass, kisses him.
  • On the cheek.
  • Prompto didn’t expect that, so he stays frozen but now untense, eyes open and Ignis’ lips on his face.
  • Ignis break away as softly as he reached for the kiss, and Prompto can still feel every single milimeter of Ignis’ lips on his face from how soft, delicate and lasting the kiss was.
  • Prompto looks at him in total surprise and some confusion.
  • Ignis blushes and stares at him with some unusual shyness
  • “…was it okay?”
  • That’s it, that ends up melting Prompto’s heart; he’s totally in love and marrying the man some day, hes just SUCH A KIND GENTLEMAN
  • Prompto will just smile and burn redder in the face and he’s going to nod.
  • “It was perfect.”
  • They will eventually leave, hand in hand.




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