‘We Got Married’ Lee Jong-hyun♥Gong Seung-yeon Show Romantic Kiss!

‘We Got Married’’s couple Lee Jong-hyun♡Gong Seung-yeon showed their romantic kiss.

The upcoming episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married-Cycle 4’ will show the dazzling kiss the couple had in a photoshoot.

Handsome husband and lovely wife engaged in the photoshoot. As they were asked by the photographer to be as close as possible, the stood together to put their faces close to each other. Jong-hyun led his bride. Later in an interview he had with the production team, he confessed it was not easy for him. “It was so close that I could not even breathe. My heart was beating like crazy,” the husband, CNBLUE’s member, blushed with embarrassment.

After the kiss scene, they even argued whether their lips touched each other. The argument was followed by a bet, and the couple started reviewing their kiss by watching the video!

So who won the bet? And what was the photoshoot about? Meanwhile, Lee Jong-hyun and Gong Seung-yeon are also alleged to have carried out the bedroom scene in the photoshoot along with the kiss scene. Find out more on the upcoming episode of ‘We Got Married-Cycle 4’ which will air on Saturday, May 23 at 17:00 (KST).