the wonder girls have had the biggest highs and lows in their career out of any group. they held the throne in korea as the nation’s girl group after 3 consecutive hits (the last one being an international hit too), worked tirelessly to promote in the us, had numerous lineup changes and came back after 3 years of hiatus with a band concept that slayed us all. the wonder girls were the first kpop act to enter the billboard hot 100 and are still the only kpop group to have done so. wonder world is one of kpop’s best albums, their self-composed album reboot was recognized by fuse and billboard as being one of 2015′s best releases and the girls themselves have one of kpop’s greatest bonds. they still openly talk about their previous members in interviews, revealing their deep friendships - even with hyuna. sunmi returned to the group after nearly 5 years and is best friends with the member who supposedly ‘replaced’ her, sunye is still their precious leader (first gg member to get married and have kids too) and sohee is always welcome back. 

these girls are highly respected, always highly anticipated and known for always delivering high quality music. their brightest days might be past but that doesn’t mean theyre shining any less. the wonder girls are pioneers of the hallyu wave, queens of retro and legends forever, happy 9th anniversary