Two of Us || Zach and Melanie

Melanie was ecstatic and terrified at the same time. She had reached the end of the fourth day since finding out the truth about what had really been going on between Gabriel and Zach. And really, considering it had been midday when everything had happened, it felt more like five days. Five exceptionally horrible days of her life. Or, more like a Hell on Earth. She hadn’t eaten, she hadn’t slept–she hadn’t been able to do anything besides lay in her bed and cry. But now, after sitting down and talking–really talking–with her Father, she was ready. (And with his permission, nonetheless.)

The young blonde had run through several different scenarios in her head of what to say. There were a million ways to say I’m sorry, I love you. And she wanted to do it the right way. Melanie had almost gone as far as to write herself notes to read on the way to his apartment, but she stopped the craziness there. Instead, she muttered lines to herself as she walked–people had probably thought there was something wrong with her. But it didn’t matter, because now she was here. Pausing for a moment, she recollected what she would say one last time, and then took the stairs up to his apartment. (Melanie had made sure to spot his car beforehand.) Inhaling, she knocked on the door, her heart speeding in her chest. All of a sudden, she couldn’t remember anything.

Just the Two of Us || Brittana
  • Tagging: Brittany & Santana
  • Time Frame: Saturday Night
  • Location: Their house
  • General Notes: Brittany and Santana take a bath together and have a relaxing night after dropping their kids off at Mercedes’s.

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So I went to view a really cute quirky little flat, and I fell in love with it because I can just so see us in it. It’s the perfect first property to be in love in. There is so much that we can do to make it amazing and ours.
However, like everything in life there is a catch, this flat is going to auction and the seller won’t take it out of auction and just sell it to me. So I now have to wait and hope and now nothing will compare to that place and it’s highly likely it will sell, I mean the space is amazing.
It’s on 2 levels. downstairs there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and upstairs there’s a big open plan living room and it has all the rustic beams going through it. I’m in love. So everyone on tumblr should pray that it doesn’t get sold so that me and my love can live happily ever after in this quirky little safe haven

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Melting #icecream + #cover of #TheBeatles’ #TwoofUs. Repost from @ryan_deramos. #guitar


Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness, mmm, yummy, yummy. #thebeatles #twoofus #15secondcover #icecream #icecreamcone