Forget the World

Summary/Imagine/Request:  Kai not understanding his feelings for you.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Character: Kai Parker

Rating: T

Triggers/Warnings: NONE

   “Converse or flip flops?” you mused, looking back and forth between the two pairs of shoes in your hands.  Kai groaned, slumping back on the couch and covering his eyes with his fingers.  The warmth on his torso was becoming hard to ignore, let alone the fact that his eyes seemed to constantly gravitate towards you.  

    “They’re equally tolerable,” he responded blandly.  

    “Hey!” you protested, chucking a tan-colored sandal at his head.  The warlock easily deflected it with a flick of his wrist.  “Converse it is.”

    Pulling on the shoes, you stood up and stretched, tucking your phone into your back pocket.  

    “Back in twenty.”

    “Because?”  Kai smoothly propped his head up on his arms, eyeing you suspiciously.  

    “To pick up a friend.”

    “Another fraternity member?”

    “That was one time!” you yelped, starting to open the front door, “And I thought he was younger!”

    “Still illegal.”  Shooting him a playful look, you slipped out the door and towards blurry figure turning the corner.  

    Once you had walked out of his sight, Kai pushed himself slowly up off the couch and made his way towards the kitchen, where Elena was presumably eating lunch.  

    Leaning on the side of the island opposite her, Kai strummed his fingers on the marble countertop.  Elena looked up, eyebrows raised.  


    “I need you to explain something to me.”

    “Don’t tell me that taking Jo’s magic gave you a period, and I have to give you the talk,” she deadpanned, taking a bite of her sandwich.

    “The magic I have right now could do much worse than that,” he responded lightly.  Elena dipped her head in agreement, returning to seriousness.  “I’m feeling warm. It’s in my chest, like when humans have fevers.  And I’m wanting to talk to people.”

    “I think,” started Elena, choosing her words carefully, “that merging with Luke is what’s causing you to…feel feelings.  You felt remorse for, erm, merging with him, and sadness too, when you cried.”

    “That’s…kind of terrible,” Kai responded bluntly, “Is there a spell, medication, surgery, frontal lobotomy?”

    “Look, Kai,” said Elena, knotting her fingers together on the kitchen table.  He sat on the other side of the mahogany surface, untouched glass of water in front of him.  “Either you can accept your feelings, or you can have that lobotomy-”

    “There’s another feeling.”  

    “Really?” snarked Elena.  Kai glanced warningly at her before continuing.

    “I get this urge to, like, smile,” he ranted, “and then I can’t stop looking at-”

    “Y/N.”  Kai raised an eyebrow at Elena.  “We’ve all kind of noticed it,” she explained, unable to keep herself from smiling.

    “I was thinking Jo has a spell for it.”

    “A spell’s not gonna help you, Kai.  You like her.”  He smirked, raising his glass and starting to take a sip before very subtly choking on his water.  Elena followed his eyes to the kitchen doorway, where you and another guy were walking through the room towards the garage..  

    “Hey Kai, Elena,” you grinned, opening the door to the garage, “We’re gonna get ice cream; you want us to bring back anything?” You paused by the entryway, friend standing awkwardly behind you.  

    “A pint of chocolate would be great,” responded Elena cheerfully, smiling brightly at Kai before looking at you, “Who’s this?”

    “Oh God, I’m sorry, this is Nate.  Nate, Elena and Kai.”  Kai leaned back in his chair, staring emotionlessly at the tall blonde standing behind you.  

    “Hi,” smiled Nate, catching the car keys you tossed to him, “Want me to drive?”

    “You’re apparently pretty good at it,” you smirked, watching him grin and start towards your car.  Looking back at the two seated at the table, you rolled your eyes as Elena raised an eyebrow, smiling.  “Elena!”

    “Go on, do your thing,” she laughed, watching you close the door.  “Feeling anything yet, Kai?”  The warlock looked sideways at her, twisting a ring around his finger.

    “That I’d like to kill that dipshit, then yeah, I am.”

    “You should probably tell Y/N about your feelings, then,” hinted Elena, sarcasm tinting her tone, “because she seems pretty into Nate.”

    Kai tapped his fingers absentmindedly on the side of his glass before standing up.  

    “We’ll see if he comes home with her.”

    Kai was lounging in an armchair when you came home, smiling and toting a pint of dark chocolate gelato.  

    “Hey,” you called, frowning as he didn’t turn to look at you.  Jogging into the kitchen to stow the ice cream in the freezer, you returned to the living room and perched yourself on the arm of his chair.  “What’s wrong?”

    He looked up at you, blue eyes hovering somewhere between angry and confused.  


    “Sorry, what?”

    “How was your date?”  You scrunched up your face, not sure what he was trying to get at.

    “It…wasn’t a date.  Nate’s just a friend.”  Kai’s face remained emotionless, but you started to smile.  “Oh my God, did you think I was dating Nate?  Kai, he’s gay!”

    To his credit, Kai expertly masked his surprise.  You leaned your hand on his shoulder in order to turn on the plush arm to face him.  

    “Why?  You’re hot; he’d probably be open to hooking up with you,” you teased, half-joking.  Kai was attractive, with pretty eyes, height, and a sculpted body.  There honestly wasn’t a reason why you weren’t a thing.  Excluding the fact that hooking up with him could mean jeopardizing your friendship and therefore pissing off the head of the Gemini coven, which was not your idea of a fun time.   

    “Good to know you think I’m hot,” he smirked, looking up at you.  You bit back a grin, resisting the urge to scoot into his lap.  

    “Glad it’s good,” you responded cheekily, “Hey, was that an emotion I just saw?”  

    Kai rolled his eyes, the idiotic fuzzy feeling in his chest refusing to go away.  

    “Y/N, I’m a socio-”

    “-path and can’t feel anything.  I beg to differ,” you responded, raising your eyebrows.
    “I like it when you beg,” he smirked.  The fuzzy warmth was moving downwards, past his stomach.  Damn you, Elena and Luke.

    “I aim to please,” you sighed, getting ready to stand up and take a shower. As usual, nothing was going to happen between the two of you.

 An arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you backwards into Kai’s chest.