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(Images from my Mag+Art project)

I tried for so long to not get involved in this not because I wanted Taylor’s attention but because I honestly wasn’t sure what the truth was and didn’t want to be spreading lies. I love u Taylor but after looking at all of this deeply and reading everything I could and going through the victims and johnnies blog I think that what has happened is true. I think that you should reevaluate the things u have posted of late bc there are people who have suffered from his bullying and now that their idol, their solace, their friend, is siding with their bully tumblr might not be a safe place for them.

tumblr should be safe for everyone.

I love u Taylor and I will never not love you. I realize how hard it can be to see the bad parts of the people u care about. But please reevaluate the way you are handling this situation bc it is hurting a lot of people. taylorswift