We like really like this cup with a rotating handle:

Many conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, and MS, cause symptoms such as tremors, muscle and joint pain, and dexterity problems that can make using standard cups challenging. handSteady® has been developed by physicist, designer, and researcher Chris Peacock with a unique rotatable handle that enables the user to tilt it easily without needing to twist the wrist, raise the elbow or lean the head back as far as is necessary with a regular cup.

Crucially, while handSteady® looks like a normal cup the rotatable handle means the body of the cup remains upright when the handle is tilted, giving the user more control and reducing the risk of spillages.

The cup also comes with an anti-slip base for increased grip on flat surfaces, and a discreet lid to keep drinks warm for longer and to further reduce spillages. In addition, the handle has been designed to allow all four fingers to fit through it for better grip and enabling the user to hold the handle at any comfortable angle.


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The United States of Horror


“Stand under this thing,” she said.
I didn’t say it was called a ‘lintel’ and
Come off as a nerd; I spoke about
School time drills as we shook—
And shook some more between

Tremors; with half-interested eyes
She nodded and then looked away;
And I thought about the epicentre,
My disconnected friends, where they
Were; I heard someone curse the

Himalayas; then she said, “no matter
Where we are, whatever we are, whatever
We win, we always lose—to nature”
We went back into our classroom