I can’t breathe 😂😂😂

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holy fuck

I shall share my tears with you guys ahahaha.

People complain to Disney that they are not represented, I am no Disney Prince but I just realize that my best Disney representation is Andy from #ToyStory#andytoystory and #ChristopherRobin from #TheAdventuresofWinnieThePooh #WinnieThePooh. Because i really see myself in them on how they have used their imagination and how creative they are in their own way, and some how i still cling on to that thing every child has IMAGINATION. And i may only have a handful of people that can relate with me but I’m happy to stay with that bubble, together with you guys who are also imaginative.💖✍🏻✨🎨✏️🖌✨ #archibaldart

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