so i just got a bunch of requests in again (thank u everyone!). it takes me a while to get around to requests because there’s a lot and i work a 40+ hour week, so please don’t think im ignoring you if i don’t do something straight away.

here’s a list of every request i’ve had in, please check here to see if i got your request, if not listed, please just send me another ask - i’ll try and keep this updated, & as always, blacklist #todolist if u don’t wanna see this~

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Aaaand Draft Three of The Secrets The Dead Keep is DONE!!!!! 😁😁😁😁 The next step is to send it to critique partners and get some feedback on it. I’ve already sent it to one person and have a few more people in mind! So excited to hear their suggestions and what they think of it 😀😀😀 #amwriting #amediting #writerslife #fantasywriter #novelinprogress #novelwriting #todolist

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