Thomas: OH. Sorry, Teresa, I have to hang up, I’m at the movies-

Newt: *puts on deep voice* IN A WORLD WHERE-

Thomas: Yeah, sorry. Bye *hangs up*

Newt: *high fives Thomas* 


I am almost 100% certain that the trailer for TST will be released on April 12th.

The stills have died out—-and if they release it that day—-they can do it at The MTV Awards which I’m sure DYLAN will be attending because he is nominated for awards REGARDING THE MAZE RUNNER.

Can’t find a better time for it right?

The classification of the trailer would have to occur tomorrow if they are indeed planing on showing it at the awards (trailers usually take 1-2 weeks after classification to be released)—-which would fit perfectly with the time between classification of Paper Towns.

(Classified March 6- Released March 19)

This time span—-13 days fits perfectly with the MTV Awards and this time span has been used for multiple recent Fox movies like Hitman; and Paper Towns.

(Not to mention Wyck worked on Paper Towns as well)

I might not be correct—-but it seems like a safe bet as it also gets publicity for the movie because people will be watching the award show.

The classification department also seems to not classify on weekends—-so that fits with the deal as well.

Go ahead and see for yourself here:

Wish my theory luck Gladers! We shall see tomorrow!