“I know we have bigger goals in mind.” Minho continued. “We need to connect with the Right Arm, figure out what to do about WICKED - all that save-the-world klunk. But first we’re going to find Newt. This isn’t open for discussion. The four of us - all of us - are flying to wherever we need to go, and we’re getting Newt out of there”

2nd is the best {Newt x Reader}

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Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes @collinsftjohnson #3 and also #12, hope this satisfies you my friend❤️ 

Summary: Envy. An overused sin.

Warning: LOOOONGish

Everything in the glade was different after I came up the box. I bet you’re wondering why, huh? I’m a girl. Yeah, that’s right, a girl. Apparently the glade has never had a girl in the long run of them being trapped in the maze. I got a few off looks, many suggestive, a lot flirtatious. But, the only look I cared about getting was from the scrawny, second-in-command. Newt.

After a few months, Newt and I grew close. He showed me around the glade, was calm and professional with me, and made me feel comfortable. Soon enough I remembered my name. Y/n. 

“What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl of course.” He would say. I was a sucker for him, and I knew it. So did the whole glade, then after a while Newt started to see it too. To make a long story short, neither of us had the guts to tell each other how we felt. But, good ole Minho helped us out.

“Just kiss already!” I remember him shouting the night of the bonfire for the new greenie. Thomas, I believe is his name. And with an awkward smile, Newt leaned in and I happily met him halfway. The best shucking night of my life. 

The love he showed to me made me feel special, and according to him he was glad that he was lucky enough to get his hands on the first ever girl. To say I was happy too was an understatement…because it made me wonder. 

What if a new girl came up? Be careful what you wish for. 

Teresa came up the box months after me. Everyone was more shocked, because…she was breathtaking. I never really got that kind of response when I came up. Sure, the guys found me attractive but…I never took their breath away. 

Her jet black locks, those crystal blue eyes, and her slim figure screamed: Attention. But the only one she seemed interested in talking to was Thomas…but that never really stopped anybody from trying to grab her attention. 

And it’s not even like she’s begging for it, they’re just giving it to her! And the worst part is, the gladers, even my friends barely pay attention to me. I know I’m better than to be comparing myself to another girl but…I started getting worried when she started catching Newt’s attention too.

We were all in the homestead, chilling out like any normal day. For some reason it was 20 question time with her, as everybody waited for their turn to ask Teresa millions of questions, which is irrelevant since we have no memory of our past lives, likes or dislikes, or passions. 

“So what’s it like being a girl?”

“Do you think you had any siblings?”

“How are your eyes so blue?”

Question after question, all stupid things to ask…and I think she sees that as well, but tried to answer as much as she could. I tried MY best to get my friends back, at least get them to talk to me again.

“Hey, Minho, you wanna race to the deadheads? I bet I could beat your sorry-excuse-of-a-runner butt,” I teased, but got no response from him. A little hurt, I shrugged it off, moving over to Fry. “Hey Frypan, do you maybe wanna-?”

“Sh!” He quickly shushed me, not even giving a side glance. Ouch.

Then I tried Clint and Jeff, then Winston, then Zart, even shucking Gally and not one of them gave me a time of day. Last, but not least, was Newt. I know he would never turn me down. I mean..sure he’s been distant for a while but, he’s my boyfriend. Me wanting his attention this badly should spark SOMETHING, especially for me not known for being clingy.

I tap his shoulder. Nada. Crouching down to his level, I lightly kissed behind his ear. I know that’s his one weak spot, but only to have him shrug me off.

“Y/n, would you cut it out, please? I’m trying to listen.” Newt said, not even looking at me. Tears brim my eyes, as I feel a pain in my chest. A guy behind me shook my shoulder, roughly, I might add.

“Y/n, can ya move?! I can’t see Teresa!” He basically growled in my ear, squeezing my shoulder tighter. I let out a yelp, stopping Teresa from talking, and all eyes were drawn on me.


“Could you be any louder?”

“What’s your problem?”

Everything was being shot at me at once. They were annoyed at me. My own shucking friends! My family…

Without a second thought, and before the tears fell, I quickly leave the scene, defeated and unwanted. I guess now it’s official.

I’m in second place.


I watched Y/n scramble up to her feet and run out of the homestead.  For a moment, everything was dead silent. 

“Who was that?” Teresa spoke, making us turn our heads back to her.

“You’ve never spoken with her before?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Only a couple of times. She seems very upset with me, so I figured she wanted nothing to do with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Teresa. She’s nobody.” Gally waved off the topic, but I was quick to bring it back.

“What? How could you say that?” I raised my voice, “How bloody dare you?!” I stood, eyebrows furrowed.

“News flash, Newtie! Y/n is getting kinda boring and clingy! I mean, she came over to me asking if I would show her how to build something.” Gally crossed his arms.

“She asked me if I wanted to race her, like, could she not see that I was busy listening to Teresa’s story?” Minho jumped in.

“It wasn’t really a story, you all were asking me bogus questions that are impossible to answer. And besides I thought you all were her friends.” Teresa stood, “I’ve seen how you all treated that girl the past few days, and I’ve got to say I don’t like it one bit.”

“And aren’t you two dating?” Thomas pointed at me, and I only nod with a confused look.

“Yeah, so?”

“Not really boyfriend material, if you ask me.” Teresa crossed her arms, practically looking down upon me.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I glared.

“Oh don’t act so surprised, she tried to be affectionate to you, and you just brushed her off like an annoying fly! ALL of you should be ashamed. Being new or not, she was here first, and should I be treated different from her adds more shame on your cold hearts.” Teresa spoke so calmly that it only added to the guilt building up inside of me. I had to find Y/n.

Who knows what she could be doing left alone. 

Three hours. Three shucking hours, and no one could find her. I was starting to have a panic attack, where the bloody hell is she?! I limped to the nearest glader, Chuck.

“Any luck?”

“No, but she’s good at hide and seek!” Chuck smiled brightly. Of course I couldn’t tell him that Y/n is missing! Especially since it’s all my fault she is.

“OW! SHUCK!” I heard a yell over towards the deadheads, making nearly half the glade rush at full speed to where the noise came from. 

Once we’ve arrived, we all see Minho holding his cheek with one hand, and holding a shoe in the other. And not just any shoe. It’s Y/n’s shoe! Minho was glaring at something in the trees, drawing all of our eyes to follow. And what do you know.

Y/n was perched perfectly between two thick branches. Huh. I guess she is good at hide and seek.

“She’s up there. I tried to get closer, but she threw her shucking shoe at my face!” Minho yelled up to Y/n, only to have another shoe thrown in his direction.

I hesitantly walked closer to the tree she was in, only to have a stick pelt my head.

“Ouch..! Y/n! Stop throwing things, I want to-!”

Another stick, then another, followed by some rocks. Why in the hell would she bring rocks up there with her anyway?!

“Y/n, please we’re sorry we ignored you!” Frypan yelled, getting a couple of rocks to his direction.

“Hey! Throw ONE more of those things-!” Before Gally could finish, he got a hammer barely missing his foot.

“She’s got tools up there?!” One guy yells, as next a knife was thrown.

“SHE’S GOT WEAPONS! Hit the dirt!” Clint yelled, everyone hiding behind trees or dropping to the ground, but not me. I stood my ground, I have to. And even if I get hurt, which I probably will, is what I deserve.

“Love, please don’t shoot! I only want to talk!” 

“OH now you wanna talk? Well how about I just ignore YOU then!” Y/n screamed, aiming another rock in my direction. 

“Y/n I am so sorry I made you feel like this, I promise I’ll make it up to you some how-OW!” She hit a bulls-eye, right in the center of my forehead. I rubbed the spot, but stood there.

“Just leave me alone!” she shouted, I could hear the pain in her voice. How much did I break her? “Why don’t you just hang with your new, and perfect girlfriend Teresa! Since she’s waay more important than me!”

“Don’t you see? I’m in love with YOU!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I hear it echo across the whole entire glade. The only thing being heard was the sound of the maze moving about, and my heavy breathing. 

Y/n looks down at me, lowering the next rock she was about to throw at me.

“W-what?” She stuttered.

“That’s right. I love YOU, Y/n. No matter what thoughts you put in your head, or what awful things I say to you I don’t mean, I’m always going to come back to you.” I mean every word. I’m pretty sure the thing that surprised her the most was that I said I loved her for the first time. Never in our months of dating have we said these words to each other…it was now or never. 

“Newt but you…you said-”

“To hell with what I said, I love you! I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N! Do you hear me mates?! I love Y/n! DO YOU HEAR ME TERESA?! I LOVE Y/N! DO YOU HEAR ME GRIEVERS?! I. LOVE. Y/NNN!” I said with every breath I had in my body, every beat to my heart, getting a few weird stares from the gladers, but that didn’t matter.

Because when my attention was back towards Y/n, during my little performance she had time to climb down the tree, crushing me in the tightest hug she has even given me.

“I love you, too.”

 Music to my ears.

{A/N} Sooo this was long! But I hope you enjoyed! And hey, more requests on the way! If this feels all over the place, don’t be afraid to let me know, I’m open for feed back! Adios, my lovelies! ~Joi

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Imagine catching Minho off guard. 

You can feel Minho’s eyes on you the minuet you walk out of the homestead. 

“Y/n!” He calls, jogging over to you. 

“Minho” You say, “What can I do for you?” He smiles at that and you can’t help smirk. You know he’s in love with you.

“Oh nothing. I’m just enjoying the view.” He’s always flirted with you and to be honest, you were perfectly okay with that. 

“Well, do you like what you see?” You say with an innocent look on your face. He blushes and looks at the ground to try and hide it. 

“What about you?” He asks. “Do you like what you see?” You smile and start to walk away. Without turning around you call out,

“Very much.” You hear the other gladers whistle and laugh at Minho and you think to yourself, It’s always good to keep them on their toes. 


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What I say: I’m okay

What I mean: Minho is in love with Thomas, he told Thomas he loved him but Thomas thought he was joking, he gave Teresa and Brenda ‘dirty looks’ every time they looked or where with Thomas, he hates the girls for no reason. ‘No way Shuck face, you are coming with me’, he beat a man almost dead because he tried to kill Thomas, he held Thomas not caring about the fact that he might have died, he was the first to pull Thomas in a hug when they rejoined, he said he had been ‘shucked and gone to Paradise’ when he sees Thomas alive and well, and I’m in hell and burning.