Last thing you heard

The last thing you heard, I hit rock bottom and I became addicted to methamphetamine.
You assumed I was a half dead being with an entirely dead heart and scab pickings in amounts larger than the number of friends I had lost in the process of putting them there.
Yes, this is the “last thing you heard.” because my “addiction” was discovered,when I hit rock bottom due to very real life issues that no one would ever bother to ask about. i cried for a friend and you all left, only because I did meth. And I could have stopped at the time I’m sure but then I decided “why? It’s just me anyway.” Months after that thinking..of course I became addicted. I never stole a thing, hurt a soul or picked at myself by the way. yes, for a while meth was my only friend. At least she’d talk to me through the voices in my head when the rest if you wouldn’t.
But I’m here to tell you now, sit down and suck it because this “addict” is going to conquer the world. I’ve gotten to such a beautiful place, no thanks to my so-called-friends. But thanks to love for myself and from the universe and from one very kind stranger who lives across the country that had no idea what it was like to deal with a girl addicted to meth.