Hi I have a confession about Tiffany. I don’t really see the reason for hate towards Tiffany. I think she’s really funny, cute, bubbly and talented. I love every song on her IJWD album. Keep doing you Tiff! <3

Similar Confessions: To be honest, I can’t really see why so many people hate Tiffany so much. She’s very friendly and warm to everyone that she meets, she’s pretty, dances decently, and really tries her hardest in everything. Even though people criticize her vocals, I don’t see why considering the fact that they’re unique and soulful. She’s not even my bias, but I still don’t see why so many people dislike her


#Tiffany 💕💕 “パニティン最高😍💕💕💕”

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“I think what brings Taeyeon down is actually Tiffany. I don’t think she’s as problematic as some people make it seem. Whenever she does something “problematic,” this has something to do with Tiffunny and I don’t find Taeyeon as annoying as her, in fact I think Taeyeon is very chill.”