Because Jasper can get speared and survive for days yet Lexa dies from a bullet wound in minutes

Because “Progressive” still isn’t synonymous with actual progression 

Because the showrunner decides that everything Eliza and Alycia brought to their characters doesn’t matter

Because I’m tired of LGBT characters not having happy endings

Because Clarke is able to save most people in the show suffering from worse injuries yet it’s too late to save Lexa. Her fight is over when Jaha survived the same exact injury.

Because the bulletproof vest joke is still accurate in 2016

Because Lexa was more than just a character and Clexa was more than just a relationship

Because Lexa and Clarke are not allowed to be “soul mates”  

Because we’re tired of showrunners killing characters instead of telling a non heterosexual lovestory 

Because i’m pissed that in 2016 an LGBT character is still killed in the same way as in 2002

Because I’m tired of the lesbian getting shot by a stray bullet.

Because i’m tired of the same recycled plot

Because i’m tried of “Seeing Red”

Because for some reason this is still too progressive for our time and not real love

Because #TaraDeservedBetter because #DelphineDeservedBetter and  #LexaDeservedBetter

Because we believe being gay and being happy are not mutually exclusive…   

#LGBTFansDeserveBetter and we’re tired of being quiet

Also, a look at the art-making method behind this latest pic of Tara.  Events vary from picture to picture, but these fundamental steps are how I usually get things done:  (1) Sketch, (2) Clean line-art, (3) Color/black & white flats, (4) Highlights & patterns, (5) Effects and background.  

Everything else is just obsessive attention to detail and avoiding sloppy mistakes.  

  • Willow:Questions. Great.
  • Tara:W-we can answer questions.
  • Nigel:Good. I need to know a little bit more about the Slayer, and about the both of you. Your relationship, whatever you can tell me.
  • Tara:O-o-our relationship?
  • Willow:We're friends.
  • Tara:Good friends.
  • Willow:Girlfriends, actually.
  • Tara:Yes, we're girlfriends.
  • Willow:We're in love. W-we're lovers. We're lesbian, gay-type lovers.
  • Nigel:I meant your relationship with the Slayer.