JH: He loses things very often
MH: You are in danger 24/7!
Key: Taemin-ah, how could you lose stuff so often? If you lose your belongings just forget about it, and don’t try to find it. it’s my sincere advice.
Key: Whenever we go to a bridge, he always goes up on the rails, I say ‘no, no, no’ but he still does it…


Dear Fan of Withdoll,

We will release new limited edition [Adriana, the circus girl].
It is part of [Repuria, Island of Fog] series.

Only 50 Dolls will be sold.
This doll goes on sale Friday noon.

She has two type head. Cracked head and normal head.
We will offer the cracked head for free.
Optional body for second head can be sold.

This doll will not be re-released for basic doll.
Don’t miss your opportunity.

And the story will be open soon.
We ask for your continued support.


Sales page: Repuria, Island of Fog / Adriana, the circus girl