This might be my favorite Shinee video, if not the funniest Shinee video, on the planet. Everyone but Taemin starts too early, but he notices and stays put. I’d give my left arm to see the other 4′s faces when they see Taemin looking back at them. You can see them laughing when they turn around, but nothing compares to that initial shock. In other fancams, from different angles, you can see the staff cracking up on the side, lol.

just so we clear

finn = reluctant hero with a heart of gold, got dragged into this mess and didn’t want to get involved but now is going to help save the galaxy to protect the people he loves (han solo)

rey = the chosen one, the new hope, the jedi from a desert planet, the brilliant student, the new warrior (luke skywalker)

poe = the political fighter, the one born into rebellion and the resistance, fearless on the battlefield, dedicated to justice and fighting the good fight, beautiful princess (leia organa)

bb-8 = lovechild of gay dads c3po & r2d2 (p sure this is canon)

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