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18 minutes of all the hilarious outtakes and deleted scenes from the set of The Hillywood Show's® Supernatural Parody!  Also includes funny moments from the Cast of CW’s “Supernatural”, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Osric Chau, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr. and more!   

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#AlwaysKeepFighting Article on CNN

Jared Padalecki is not alone in coming forward, but he has most effectively used social media to support his campaign.

At the same time, he doesn’t want to be seen as the leader of a movement. “I’m just a part of this, not the head of it. I’m happy to be one of the public faces of it, but I don’t stand alone up here.”

Fans showed their solidarity with the actor earlier this month at San Diego Comic-Con, and Padalecki hopes he can return the favor. “For those who don’t have millions of Twitter followers who have your back, I’ve got your back.”

“I still deal with anxiety on a daily basis,” Padelecki said. “A lot of artists are emotional beings, but we have to behave like, ‘Hey I’m great, I’m living the life!’ That’s what we think the audience wants.”

But to the young actor, “life and art are about being there for someone and someone being there for you. For me, life is about deeper meaning. I’ve always tended towards honesty and being forthright. I’ve been lucky that anytime I’ve been honest, I’ve been approached with sincerity.”

Depression awareness on the red carpet - CNN

Troubles with thick accents
  • Person:ohyeahiewhehasyehwandt
  • Me:aha sorry what did you say
  • Person:oh no problem I said igkjustskwnwidfunngejhejs
  • Me:um really sorry I zoned out what did you say?
  • Person:aha abwidnthenshajnshi
  • Me, thinking:oh god. I didn't hear them. I can't ask again what if they think it's at fault of their accent or English when I'm really just a terrible listener oh god oh god
  • Me:*sweats nervously*
  • Me:aha yeh
  • Person:????
  • Me:
  • Person:I was asking about your favourite food...
  • Me:shit.