The “fan movie” thoughts.

Here’s the thing about the Supernatural “fan movie”. They shot themselves in the foot by having a fan unjustly banned from a con and and then blocking hundreds of fans who said no, this is wrong (Clif, his wife at the time, Mitch, etc., all went on blocking sprees). We’re not going to support a film whose creators treat us that way. Also, putting people in the film who are notorious for bullying, threatening, cajoling fans and being nasty to actors while gossiping about families and secret gay marriages is not a good tone (Kelios, anyone?). They’re also working with WinchesterBros, owned and operated by similar people associated with Kelios who routinely exclude actors and fans they don’t like while claiming to be an all-inclusive fan site. Lastly, the amount of money they want us to donate is more than renting a feature on iTunes. It seems grabby. So if they’re noticing the lack of immediate support, maybe they should ask themselves why. I’ll just be over here not watching the movie like a bad fan.