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Lucifer is distracted by his mother’s escape from hell, as he and Chloe investigate the murder of a stand-in actress. Meanwhile, Chloe’s faith in Lucifer is tested by the new medical examiner, Ella. Also, Amenadiel hopes to rein in Lucifer’s wild side, as they both deal with the absence of Maze.

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Imagine falling in love with Dean, one of your father's knights, and him fighting to win your hand because he feels the same.

“Do you need help with that?” your voice was soft, the only indication of your presence at the moment which made the knight jump in his place.

A small wince left his lips and his hand immediately went to his abdomen where you saw a few droplets of blood. But as soon as he took notice of you being there the bandages fell from his hands and he took a step back. He swallowed thickly, his adam’s apple moving in an almost distracting way and you offered him a small smile.

“Princess” he said in a low and thick voice.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” you asked softly and he took in a breath, clearing his throat.

“No uh, no your majesty. I merely was… tending to some wounds.” he gave you a small smile that fluttered soon and you gave him a nod “Do you need my assistance or-”

“No” you cut him off, shaking your head “No, I only wanted to… see you. I realized that you were wounded in some way and now I see that it is serious.” your brows furrowed as you glanced at it. He followed your gaze but in the end shook his head.

“You shouldnt bother yourself with this, my princess.” he insisted but you sighed, giving him a look.

You didn’t say anything, you merely held his gaze and walked towards him. You saw Dean swallow thickly once more as step after step you got closer to him. He almost felt his heart jump out of his chest, and the fact that the tent was so big didn’t help at all in his situation.

“Sit” you said softly but he couldn’t find it in himself to move “Dean” you offered him a kind smile “Please, sit.” you glanced at the makeshift bed he was previously sitting on and this time he obliged.

Still keeping the smile on your lips you bent down and picked the bandages that had fallen from his hands. You got up and glancing for a moment at him you focused your eyes on the gash on his abdomen. It was stitched, from what you could through Dean’s fingers, and only now some fresh blood was running.

“I’ll need to clean it again just a little, alright?” you asked and he gave you a weak nod, his eyes not leaving you.

“But princess-” he spoke only for a moment “You shouldn’t-”

“Dean, no.” you breathed out, cutting him off “I know how to do this. I have taken lessons. Plus… I want to.” you said softly, giving him a smile and swallowing he nodded his head again. So you did as you said, Dean only making a small noise here and there.

“I’m sorry if this is hurting you.”

“No, it is alright.” he said in a rough voice “But- my princess-” he let a small sigh “What are you doing here?”

A small smile formed on your lips as Dean waited for an answer. You looked up from the wound to lock eyes with his and gave him a full smile “I love it when you call me your princess.” you whispered and Dean took in a sharp breath, his eyes almost going wide. He blinked and looked away from you, clearing his throat.

“Are you not the princess?” he asked, giving you a weak smile at which you only raised an eyebrow.

You sighed “That I am.” you couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice and Dean’s own face fell as he looked down.

“You looked really determined today.” you breathed out in a soft voice, breaking the silence that had surrounded you.

Dean’s eyes focused on your face for a moment before he let a soft smile rest on his lips “That I was.” he whispered, holding his breath for a moment until he heard a chuckle leave your lips.

“You got really hurt though.” you said, worry lacing your features.

“Would be worth it.” he mumbled, his eyes focusing on your fingers working delicately on the bandages now.

“What?” you whispered “What would it be worth it? What could ever be worth you getting hurt?”

“Don’t you know?” he asked back just as softly and you chuckled, nodding your head.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” you whispered but said nothing more as you focused on tending to his wounds.

“Your majesty.” he said hesitantly “You know you shouldn’t be here.”

“Nobody can forbid me of that. As you said I am the princess.” you shrugged “I want to be here? I shall be. I want to tend to my knight’s wounds?… I shall tend to your wounds.”

“And your father?” he breathed out and you chuckled.

“My father couldn’t keep back from doing what I wanted when I was a little kid, much less now.”

“I suppose so.” he breathed out and you nodded your head, not saying anything more until-

“You were quiet determined yourself.” you whispered and he frowned, tilting his head to the side.

“Today, I mean.” you whispered, finally looking at him “You didn’t stop for a moment.” you said, recalling how he fought. How he kept his jaw clenched and fought back with everything he had.

“As I said, would be worth it.” he whispered and you let a smile rest on your lips, your eyes casting down. You had to keep yourself from staring at his bare chest, let alone ran your fingers all over it. The skin looked so smooth it was practically tempting you.

“Am I Dean?” you breathed out, feeling your heart clench inside your chest but in the good way.

“Everything for you.” he whispered, taking hold of your hand and kissing back of it, holding it tenderly in his “My princess”