Bros headcanon?

So in a human au, where Marianne and Dawn met Bog through our favorite parkour elf, Sunny once went to a bar to play some pool and darts, but started getting harassed by group of jerks about his short stature.  That same night Bog happened to be there watching and listening, and when Sunny backed up into him, Bog pretended to be scared of him to psych out his antagonizers.

“YOU!  Oh, no.  Look, man.  I-I dorn’t want any trouble, okay?  I jus’ came in fer a drink!  It was an accident, see?  I promised I’d pay you back on Thursday!  I swear I didn’t forget!  Theo’s still in the hospital!  Jus’ take it easy!”

And even though he’s confused and freaked out, Sunny plays along, and it works!  The bullies back off.  Bog and Sunny then introduce themselves and spend the rest of the evening shooting the breeze over some beers.

I’m so fucking sick of the girls leaving Sunny out of everything. They never pay attention to her and it’s always been like that. She even said in a recent interview that she wishes the members would’ve celebrated her birthday like they did with Sooyoung’s birthday.

-Edited by Marina (tanahi)