Happy Earth Day! 

But, really everyday is earth day. If we are going to save Mother Earth, we all have to make a conscious effort in our own lives everyday. Recycle, ride your bike more, eat less meat, pick up that piece of trash that isnt yours, be an advocate for environmental policy, and believe in science.

things i hear millennials ‘complain’ about: tr*mp screwing over minorites, poor education system, inability to find jobs after getting a degree, wages that don’t meet the standard of living…

things i hear baby-boomers complain about: millennials, customer service workers they’ve harassed,

DIY - Simple STP

If you’ve ever done any research into STP devices for transmasculine folks, you may have felt the same horror I felt when I saw that a good quality STP would cost me in the region of £300. This wasn’t happening, so I had a think and did what trans people are very good at: I improvised. 

I made my STP out of a 2 pint milk carton. It is durable, hygienic, fits in my pocket, and cost nothing to make (well, 50p for the milk) Here’s how I made it:

You will need: Milk carton, scissors, lighter/candle

Instructions: You need a milk carton that looks something like this. Make sure you clean it out thoroughly. Mark with a pen and cut along the red lines shown here. 

The handle of the carton will act as a funnel. 

Cut a ‘V’ shape at the end of the funnel to make the flow look more natural.

Soften the edges of the STP with a lighter

and you’re done! Here is the finished STP:

Practice with this thing before you take it out, as there is a bit of an art to it, but I have never had any problems with mine! Just rinse it after you use it and you’re off. Happy peeing my dudes!