So, there’s an amazing story to this. I missed my Misha op (so i thought, turns out it was actually supposed to be on Sunday, but they let me go ahead anyway. As well as missed my James photo op.) and because of that, they were rushing me in and out of the photo op room, the staff, trying to figure out where to put me, moving me to the front of the line, then the back, then outside the room, then back in, and Misha was just watching all this unfold. The first time, he looked at me and winked, and then he just sort of was looking at me like, “You poor girl, what are they doing to you?” And then FINALLY, I got up to go after waiting about 45 minutes, and I go up to him and I said, “First of all, before we take the picture, there’s something I really need to tell you.” And he said, “Alright, what is it?” At this point, I didn’t realize how close we were. We were VERY close to each other. And I told him, “I saw your tweet a while back. About role models and how you didn’t feel you deserved to be anyone’s. Never feel as if you’re not good enough to be someone that others look up to. You should not ever feel like you’re not worthy enough to be someone’s role model. Because you’re my role model. You’ve helped me through so many rough times. And you mean so much to me.” And we both started tearing up. I said, “I’m sorry- I’m not trying to tear up here, I just-” And he interrupted to say, “Thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you…” And pulled me into his arms before moving to take the picture. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so he pulled me into this cute dance-like pose and was squeezing me so tight. This man is fantastic.
We’re actually both a little teary eyed in the photo.


CreationCon Chicago 2009 - Misha Collins

Recently the publicist for the CW said you know, they were talking to somebody and they were like, “Yeah, we want to interview Misha about fanfic.” And she’s like, “He doesn’t know anything about fanfic” or slash fic or whatever. And the person is like, “No, as a matter of fact, he does…” “He studies it.” As if I’ve got piles of books. I draw the blinds closed and then I read all these.. books. I Google, just to let you know. [x]


Ty Olsson doing his Ord the Dragon voice at VegasCon ‘13

So today Jensen...

He told a story about how a relative of his recently came to him and confided that she felt her house was haunted. He was like…

“Haunted? Why do you think that?”

She then went on to tell him that books have been flying off their shelves and that she’d witnessed  a figure sprinting down hallways and disappearing in midair. This was coming from someone in his family that Jensen felt wasn’t crazy. ;D

The story went a little something as follows…

Relative: “Will you come over and take a look?”

Jensen: “…Uh–NO. Are you crazy??? I ain’t going in there! There ain’t a chance in Hell I’m staying the night to get books thrown in my face!”

R: “Well, what should I do??”

J: “You watch the show. You know what to do.”

lol It made me roll.

OH! And to top it all off, just as he began explaining about how he doesn’t want to deal with ghosts, the mic blared out so loud it claimed his voice. Jared ran backstage in mock terror and Jensen dropped the mic on his chair–held up his hands like NOPE.