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No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up…here. I win. So…I win.

I want to talk for a second about how certain Lucifer is he’ll have Sam, no matter what. I want to talk about Sam, his time at Stanford, and how season 6 should have played out.

Sam Winchester got into Stanford with a full ride. Stanford–which turns away valedictorians, class presidents, and varsity captains without batting an eye. Sam got in.

Honestly, Sam’s transcript must have been a mess. The Winchesters moved constantly; Sam had to deal time and again with enrolling in classes that started months ago, taking tests on material he wasn’t around to learn, and then doing it all over again when they moved. I doubt John let him join clubs, sports, any extra curricular activity that might make him vulnerable.

All around him, his classmates were applying for college. They were planning their lives. But Sam? Sam couldn’t go to college. Not with his transcript. Not with his empty extra-curriculars. Not with John as his father. He saw Dean, who became a full-time hunter, and assumed that was the life he was consigned to.

And even if Sam COULD apply somewhere, his transcript would have looked like Frankenstein. It would have been stitched together from dozens of schools, probably riddled with “incompletes” and less-than-stellar grades. And let’s say the community college took him in: Where would he have gotten the money? John didn’t give him enough money for food, no way he’d fund a four-year college education.

And yet…Sam Winchester got into Stanford. Sam Winchester got into one of the choosiest schools in the nation, comparable to Harvard, and he got in on a full ride. 

Sam must have known a miracle worker to get a break like that.

…Or he must have known a demon.

17-year-old Sam Winchester hated his life. He had no friends, played no sports. His father kept him out late at night, hunting and killing. Every time he tried to run, he was dragged back by the scalp and berated for trying to leave. 

Is it that hard to believe that 17-year-old Sam Winchester, who hated life, hated his dad, hated hunting, and hated knowing he was doomed to hunt the rest of his life, would consider a deal to break him free?

Isn’t ten years of freedom better than a lifetime of hunting?

I’m talking about 17-year-old Sam Winchester making a deal with a demon to get away from his family, and get on the path to something great. 

A deal with a demon to get into Stanford

It explains why

  • Sam was so willing in s5 to throw himself down the pit. He’s selfess, of course, but wouldn’t that be the best plan if he was damned anyway?
  • Sam was fine drinking demon blood and working with Ruby. If it saved people, who cares what it was doing to an already-damned soul?
  • Sam cut all ties with John and Dean after going to Stanford. In canon Dean says he and John tried to contact Sam to no avail. Maybe Sam wanted to get so lost that, when he died, John and Dean would never know what he did–they couldn’t be disappointed in him.
  • Sam was “Azazel’s favorite”
  • Sam was “the Boy King”
  • Lucifer was so certain he’d get Sam, one way or another. (whatever details you alter, you’ll always end up…here.“) One way or another, Sam was destined to be Lucifer’s next door neighbor.
  • Soulless!Sam was so hell bent on keeping his soul out of his body, to the point that he'd kill Bobby. It’s a soul that is sold. It’s a soul that’s damned. Maybe Souless!Sam thought he’d found a loophole–his soul was in hell, and he was topside. Getting his soul back would be like reattaching a gangrenous limb.

And of course Sam would never tell Dean, not if he could avoid it. Because no matter how he breaks it, it comes down to "I sold my soul, because an eternity of damnation was better than a life with you and dad.” He knows Dean dedicated his life to protecting him; how could he tell Dean it was all for nothing?

I liked Season 6, but after Sam got his soul back, I felt like it lacked direction. I would love to see a reboot that brings this in as its main conflict.

Because, at the start of season 1, it was 4 years after Sam got accepted. At the start of season 5, it would have been 8 years. After season 5, there is a one year gap.

Therefore, the start of season 6 marks the 10th and final year of Sam’s contract. Come season 6, Sam’s just about run out of time.

I’m talking a s3-parallel in which Dean tries to save Sam (once his soul’s been restored) from being dragged back under, all the while dealing with the fact that Sam’s shouldered this knowledge for 10 years

…and dealing with the fact that Sam got his soul damned in the first place because he was just that desperate to get away from Dean.


reabaysmith said:

Hey! Could you do one where dean or Sam (you pick) and reader get body switched as a prank or something and reader is on her period and it freaks him out and hilarity ensues?

I love body swaps yay! Since I already did a Sam body swap I’ll make this one with Dean. Enjoy!

This came out longer than I thought it would. I got carried away, hope this came out how you wanted!

*Y/H/C = your hair color* 


Shit! Today was supposed to be pain-free. You were only supposed to get your period in a couple days, but mother nature rang early. Rolling your eyes at your now ruined pants, you went to put on a pad and then eat something to be able to take some painkillers for the cramps that are kicking in. 

As you made your way down into the bunker’s kitchen to grab some waffles, Dean was already making his famous burgers. 

“Want one?” He asked, watching you struggle to open the waffle box. 

You huffed in anger until you shoved the box back in the freezer and took a burger from Dean. Normally you’d try to hide the mood swings, but today was not that day. 

“Alright, don’t thank me or anything” Dean said, flipping a new burger for himself. 

“Sorry” you said, “this is really good, thanks.” And you sat down with a cup of orange juice and two tylenols. 

Dean sat down next to you, biting into his burger. With a full mouth he said “Oh and don’t forget the witch hunt. Eat quickly we have to run.” 

Annoyed you threw your head back groaning, then washed down the tylenol as you stomped into your room to change. Quickly you put on a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, an old black henley with a grey plaid shirt on top, then slipped into your hunting boots. 

Walking back to meet Dean in the library you asked, “Where’s Sam? Isn’t he coming?”

Dean grabbed the paper with the witch-killing spell, and answered “He’s out with Castiel looking for god-knows-what” then opening the door continued, “The drive isn’t far, just be prepared, she’s strong.” and with that we were off. 


Once we rolled into a nice development, Dean pointed to a large red-brick house “That’s the one. Let’s do some witch huntin”, and began walking up the driveway.

“Why are we killing her again?” you asked, wondering what her crime was.

“She killed her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend” he put it simply, as he lock picked the door. 

Readying yourself with Deans gun for protection, you quietly walked into the house, Dean always one step ahead of you. As if from thin air, the witch came up behind you. You spun around ready to stab the bitch when Dean began reciting the spell. 

While in pain, the witch used her last breaths on reciting something inaudible. 

Once she was done for Dean exhaled while nodding his head in relief. 

“Easier than I thought it would be” you said and began towards the car. 


Once you both got to the bunker you slumped down on the couch “I’m going to sleep Dean, I’m exhausted.” you said, rolling onto your side.

“It’s only three” Dean said, you could hear the confusion dripping from his voice. 

“Just like you say Dean, screw consciousness!” and with that you fell asleep. 

In the next hour, Dean also decided to nap due to the past few tiring hunts. 

A couple hours later you woke up rubbing your eyes, and you looked around realizing you weren’t on the couch anymore, rather on Deans bed. Jumping up, you realized that you were a bit taller, and bigger. Quickly you put your hands to your face and ran to the closest mirror. Your eyes bulging, you realized you were in Dean’s body. Quickly you ran to the couch were you originally fell asleep, only to have your body bump into yourself at an equally high speed. 

“I’m you!” you both yelled, pointing at each other. Then Dean bent over, “she hurt us too! I guess switching our BODIES wasn’t enough!” he said, groaning. 

Once you realized he was in pain from period cramps you, well Dean’s body, began laughing. 

“What?” you heard your voice ask.

“Those are period cramps!” 

Dean opened your eyes wide, and stared in fear. 

“Don’t worry! Just change your pad and take some Tylenol!” you said, leading him to your room to grab some pads.

“No way in hell am I wearing that!” Dean said, pointing to the pad like it was an alien artifact.

“You have to! Otherwise the blood pouring out of you will leave a trail!” You said, trying to disgust him into wearing the pad, although it was the hundred percent truth. 

“I don’t even know how.” he said, crossing your arms. 

After a couple minutes of fighting, he finally got the hand of it. “See? Just flip the wings over and stick them!” you said, handing him another pad, since he ruined the last one by sticking it on backwards, and bending the wings back onto the pad itself. 

While Dean fussed around, you looked in the mirror, and lifted up Dean’s shirt. “Nice” you said, checking out Dean’s body.

“Hey! If you do that I’ll do it too!” he said, acting like a child. 

You put down Dean’s shirt, having some decency left in you. With Dean closing his eyes, he struggled putting on the underwear, but eventually got it. 

He scrunched your nose, and began moving your legs around wildly.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” you asked, treating him like a child.

“This is uncomfortable! I’m a giant baby!” he said, and you noticed when he spoke, he lowered your voice a notch. 

“Being a girl is tough, although it has its perks.” you said, playing with Dean’s hair, thinking about getting a haircut once you switched bodies back. 

Dean looked in the mirror, still just wearing panties and the henley. He smirked, curling your lips up. 

Rolling Dean’s eyes, you threw him a pair of sweats and a tank top to change into. 

An hour later, Sam returned to the bunker. You and Dean decided not to tell him, or anyone, incase that would lengthen the time until you changed back. After greeting Sam and having a chat about the day, you and Dean slumped down on the couch, watching your usual late night movie. Forgetting about the body swap Dean sat on the couch, and you cross-legged on the recliner. Normally it was the opposite, and Sam eyed you both suspiciously. 

Realizing what Dean must’ve looked like in that position, you quickly sprawled out on the recliner, trying to get in a Dean-like position. 

Thirty minutes into the movie Sam passed out from fatigue, and you saw yourself look at you with alarm. 

“What?” you whispered. 

Dean looked at Sam to make sure he’s asleep, “I feel like I’m peeing myself! What’s going on? Is this normal?” he asked, more than confused. Smiling you answered “That’s blood pouring out from your vagina” then smirked with satisfaction. He finally feels the pain he tells me to ‘get over’. 

“My head hurts” he said complaining, “and all I want is pretzels and chocolate!” 

Walking over to sit by him you said, “well head pain is normal for me, and that’s called a craving” and you watched him process it all. 

Feeling bad you said, “OK, lay down on your stomach.”

“What?” he asked, squinting your eyes. 

“Just do it!” Dean’s voice came out harsher than you wanted it to, his voice was deep and yours wasn’t. This’ll take some getting used to.

“What the hell will you do?” he asked, although he did as you said. 

You began massaging the pressure points on your lower back. A deep sigh from Dean told you that he was feeling some pain relief. 

After some time, you got him chocolate, and he ate it very quickly. 

“Better?” you asked handing him some water. 

“Much. Thank you Y/N” he said, “I will never doubt you again, I mean it must be really hard hunting like this.” 

Nodding you said “it is, but what choice do I have?”

Dean curled your lips up a bit in a sympathy smile. 

After you finished the movie you yawned saying “Time for bed?” while blinking the tiredness out of your eyes. You realized just how tired Dean always was by the way his body begged for sleep. 

“Yeah I’m tired” he said. 

“Come on, I’ll show you where my pajamas are.” and you walked him to your room. 

First you braided you hair so it wouldn’t strangle Dean in his sleep. Then while you searched through your dresser for pajamas you saw Dean staring intensely at your face in the mirror, and you smiled. Although you could never get used to seeing Dean’s hands instead of yours whenever you looked down. You pulled out a pair of loose pajama shorts, and a warm pullover, then threw it at Dean, along with an overnight pad -  - to his dismay. Once he was changed you helped him wipe off the days makeup, “Why do you wear all this on your face?” he asked wiping off some blush. 

“I don’t know, makes me feel better I guess…” you trailed off. 

He scrunched your eyebrows “Y/N you’re already pretty, there’s no need for this”. With that he made you blush, making Dean’s mouth smile unintentionally. 

Once he tossed out the makeup wipe, he did a three-sixty in your mirror. 

“It’s weird being a girl. For one thing, you have so much to do before you sleep. Two you have guys constantly flirting with you, like Sam!” he said, emphasizing Sam while raising your eyebrows. “Three, you got these!” he said, then placed your hands on your boobs. 

“Dean!” you yelled. 

He made your face seem just like his, putting on his cocky smirk and crinkling his eyes.

“Anyways where are your pajamas?” you asked Dean. He walked you to his room and gave you a pair of boxers. 

“Thats it?” you asked, “You don’t get cold?”

“Nah” he shrugged. Quickly you changed without looking down. 

“Well goodnight!” he said and left the room quickly. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll change back. With that though you slumped on Dean’s bed, landing heavy due to his muscular and tall body. 


As you woke up, you expected to be back in your bed, but no such luck. Exhaling deeply, you got up to brush your teeth. Within a couple minutes Dean was by your side freaking out. “There’s blood all over your sheets! I’m sorry I got annoyed with the diaper and just put on one of the small ones you gave me earlier!” 

“DEAN!” you yelled, still having toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting it out you brought Dean back to your room and gave him a change of clothes. “Put on these jeans and shirt” you said, handing him skinny jeans and a v-neck. After changing he came out, bra-less and shirtless.

“Uh? Dean? Forgetting something?” you asked.

“No! This bra is broken!” he exclaimed, throwing the bra to you. “Turn around” I said, and easily hooked the bra onto my body. 

Then you handed him the t-shirt as he huffed in annoyance. “These jeans are tight too!” he exclaimed.

“They make my butt look good, now put on the shirt.” 


By the time you got him to the kitchen to eat breakfast Sam had a case prepared. 

“Eat a quick breakfast guys, I found the demon that’s been screwing about town.” Sam said, still looking at his laptop, “He’s hiding under cover as a waiter in the restaurant some miles down from here.” 

Today isn’t a good day to hunt, you thought. Having to deal with a cranky Dean was not in your weeks plans. Although…this may be fun to watch. And you smirked to yourself. 

Dean handed you a huge omelet with toast, and you handed Dean a bagel and butter. He scrunched your nose at it, “butter? really?” he asked.

“I like it!” you said, and sat down. 


After breakfast you gathered Dean’s hunting gear, finally happy you got his gun, while he fumbled trying to get a good hold on your knife. By habit you slid into the backseat of the Impala, earning a weird glance from Sam. 

Trying to save Dean, and yourself you said “Uh, Y/N really wanted to drive today” and closed the door. 

Sam just shrugged and sat down. You watched as Dean walked over to sit down at the drivers seat, and turned on the music just as Dean would. 

You cleared your throat, knowing that when you drive the music is much lower. Quickly he corrected himself, and drove off. 

Once you all got to the restaurant, Sam found a table in the corner so he’d be able to get to the demon. The waiter, to our crappy luck didn’t turn out to be the demon. Although he was fond of Dean (my body). 

“Hey darlin’ what can I get a pretty lady like yourself?” he said, leaning in towards a disgruntled Dean. 

“Some fries and a burger” he said, putting on a girly voice. 

“Same” I said, acting as concise as Dean would. Sam ordered his salad as usual and we sat waiting. 

“I need the bathroom” your voice announced, “be right back”. 

You watched Dean slide out and go towards the mens bathroom, so you quickly got up announcing a quick “me too!”. Grabbing your body by the shoulders you spun Dean in the other direction, towards the women’s. You could see many women’s eyes on you, but you just looked away. Knowing Dean was attractive you half expected this. You caught a glimpse of Y/H/C walking towards the table, until Dean was stopped by a man who tried flirting. Bits and pieces of the conversation were audible. 

“How’d you like to come home with me?” the man asked Dean.

“No thank you! I already said no!” Dean said, ripping away from the man, who kept following.

You stepped up and grabbed your  own hand, which felt quite weird, and the man backed off thinking you were Dean’s boyfriend. 

“Ugh! What a douche!” Dean announced when he sat back down. 

Before you got the chance to respond, a blood curdling scream emerged from the other side. Quick on your feet you pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the diner, and everyone but the demon and his hostage ran out. Right away Sam neared the demon, while you worked on finding the hostage. Meanwhile Dean was holding your knife, following Sam. Once you found the girl, she was tied up and you cut the ropes off her bloodied hands. Running to the kitchen you grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped her down. She embraced you, well Dean’s body, in attempt for comfort. 

“You’re Ok” you continued whispering. “I’m going to find my friends who are going to kill the evil bastard alright?” you said, trying your best to sound like Dean when he comforts people. 

She nodded, and sat down on a bar stool.

By the time you got to Sam and yourself - well Dean, the demon was dead and Sam was wiping blood off his knife and onto his jacket. 

“I got the hostage, you’d better call the cops” you said, and Sam nodded. 

Quickly, the three of you got into the car and drove back to the bunker.


Sam went back on his laptop, and Dean followed you to the bedrooms. 

“Do men always stare at you?” he asked out of the quiet. 

“Yes. You learn to fend them off, but sadly it doesn’t work half the time” 

“You’re never leaving the bunker again that man was ridiculous! And creepy for that matter!” he said, getting worked up on protecting me as usual. 

You smiled, “Don’t worry, I have you boys right?” you said. 

“Anyways, we need to get back in our own bodies!” he said, opening the door to your room. 

“I know!” you responded, tired of being inside Dean’s body. 

“How though? We’ve tried sleeping it off, waiting, what else can we do?” he asked, slumping down on your bed, “I can’t take bleeding anymore, I admit it. You are stronger than me in some ways, this included!” and he rolled over on his side and into fetal position. 

“Thank you Dean” you said, satisfied with his realization. 

“Well?” he asked, mouth muffled by the blanket he stuck your face in.

“Well what?” 

“How do we switch back?” he asked, rolling over to face you. 

Suddenly you felt a tingling feeling go up your spine, and then you were laying on your bed.

“How?” Dean asked, wiggling his fingers seeing as he was back to normal.

“I think that we switched back once we understood each other” you said, curling up again due to the pain. 

“Cramps?” Dean asked nearing the bed.

“Sadly” you said, trying to lay on your stomach. Next thing you know Dean is massaging your back where you did yesterday. 

“Thank you!” you said, happy that the pain was relieved a bit. 

“Tell me if you need something alright Y/N?” he said, getting up. 

“Will do Dean.” and with that you fell asleep, feeling the exhaustion of the day. Dean picked you up, placed you under the covers, and gently tucked you in. 


Imagine #7- Fluffytimes

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Plot: Have some cute morning-after-y fluff.

Word Count: 416

His arms around your waist, your back pressed against his chest and stomach. This is how you wish you could wake up every morning, utterly relaxed and warm and comfortable.

You’re reluctant to move, but finally turn over to look at him. That, and avoid the stinging rays of sun.

97 million miles away, and perfect freaking aim.

He feels you wake, and his eyes open. A smile spreads across his face and your heart bursts with love.

“Morning, beautiful.” He smiles, running a finger down your jaw. His eyes explore your face, every detail, drinking in your beauty like a drug.

“Morning. How are you?” You ask, your eyes heavy. You keep them open, though. So you can watch him.

He takes a piece of your hair and curls it around his finger, “I feel incredible. Let’s go take on the world.”

“Or we could stay here for a while?” You suggest with a low giggle.

“I’m open to either, as long as you’re with me.” He smiles, capturing your lips with his own. You smile, the warmth of his lips causing your heart to skip a beat.

You never planned to fall in love. It was never, ever on your to-do list. Not your thing. But then he turned up, and everything fell into place. It was like a game of Tetris. Before now, your life had been row upon row of gaps, but now? You were soaring through the levels, knocking lines out because he was there with you. He made everything right. Days upon days of greasy food, shady motels, hunting beasts and ghosts and demons and nearly dying? None of it mattered as long as you’re together. You’re unbeatable.

“Let’s just stay here.” You snuggle into his chest, and he pulls you closer.

“You’re so beautiful. Did you know that?” He whispers into your ear, his voice husky with tiredness. You smile, mumbling thanks, the quiet words muffles. He chuckles, his hand stroking your hair.

“I love you so much.” You whisper, looking up at him. “Everything I am, everything I ever have been, and everything I will ever be is connected to you and I’m not letting go. Ever.”

 “I love you too, Y/N. I’m not poetic like you, but know this: You’re my everything. Without you, I’d be a puddle on the floor. I never knew I needed you, but now, I love you with my heart and soul and everything in between and beyond.”

“Not poetic, my ass.”