I want to hear Bora actually sing. I know she’s technically not a “vocalist” in SISTAR, but since she isn’t really suited to rapping (and people even argue that Hyorin could easily fill her position for that), it’s at least worth a shot. But even more so, during some live performances of Give It To Me and her solo during their “S” Concert, I could actually hear her “singing” and she has a cute voice! At the very least it’s on par with Dasom’s, so I think we should hear more of it. I’m curious!

눈사탕 (Snow Candy)
케이윌(K.Will) & 씨스타(Sistar) & 보이프렌드(Boyfriend)
눈사탕 (Snow Candy)

Why did we meet now? Where were you and what were you doing?
I looked all over the world for you, for my love
You’re sweet like candy and dazzling like a gem
I found you, the love of my dreams