Imagine your otp
  • Person A: "Have you ever just looked at someone and just fell in love."
  • Person B: *mumbles under their breath* " Whenever I saw you. "
  • Person A: *chokes* "What?"
  • Person B: "I said you make me wanna puke, jfc stop being so cheesy all the time! "
Imagine your otp
  • Person C: *testing out pick up lines with person A and B* "How about I love to watch you come but I love watching you leave?"
  • Person B: "I think it's I hate to see you come."
  • Person A: *smirking* "Well actually I'd love to see you cum."
  • Person B and C: *choking on air*
  • Bonus:
  • Person B: *to person C* "Can you leave us for a quick moment?"