Exo reaction to their s/o running away and leaving a breakup letter behind

( I know I said I wasn’t doing gif reactions but I was too inspired by this! Hope you like it) 

Xiumin: he has a pretty mature mindset once he read your letter he’d know exactly where you’re going and beat you to it. So you can both talk it out. 

“Minseok you’re here!“ 

“I thought you broke up with me?!”

Suho: “did y/n really really up with me?” He’d be disappointed with himself for losing you and stay at home all day rereading your letter. 

Lay: he’d be completely devastated he would let his emotions get the best of him and cry until his eyes dried out while thinking of everything he did wrong. To him you did nothing wrong it was all his fault. 

Baekhyun: he would act as if nothing happened, he would continue being his joyful self and making jokes and being loud but once he sees something that reminds him of you he breaks down all his true feelings coming out too late.

 "I’m fine… really" 

Chen: he knows how close you two are and how insanely in love he is with you. So he doesn’t even worry about you leaving him he’s going to get you back. He’d get in the car and sing the whole ride without a worry. “Y/N is so dramaaaaaatic”

Chanyeol: you won’t have anytime to leave once he reads your letter he will get to you in time no matter what. He won’t even think about it twice, he needs you.

Kyungsoo: “if she wants to break up that’s fine it’s her decision.” He’d act like he doesn’t care but the members know it’s not true. D.O would be moody and try to distract himself with food 

 Kai: “miss me? Because I missed you” Just like xiumin he knew exactly where you were going and beat you to it. He’d wait for you with roses and presents ready to convince you to take him back. You’re his royalty and he’s going to show you how much he cherishes you 

 Sehun: “Y/N is stupid that’s all” he’d mumble rolling his eyes at your letter. “I’ll call tomorrow I want to see how long y/n can go without me” he’d find the drama cheesy and would just want to make you pay a little by waiting a few days