My tale of School days, A Flashback

Yes, Its about a girl who stumbled with her studies and her gang of friends who tolerated her like no one in the universe can do.

With no idea of which school I am gonna get in after my 8th Std, my mom chose the best one for me as she always do. Next comes a very dangerous part “The entrance Exam”. “Oh man, how can you just be so dumb Sneha” my mom blasted after realizing that in the battle between me and math, I won. Yes, I was very poor in math as well as Hindi. But somehow I cleared my entrance. With my newly stitched uniform and with so much of anxiety to meet new people I stepped into my school.
I asked the way to my classroom to a tall gigantic dumb guy who ran away without any response. With all mixed emotions somehow I reached my classroom, found a place that suits my height and got settled. All were starring at the new joiners as if we were from some mafia group. There comes an announcement from our teacher with a very firm voice “Get ready for the assembly students”. Standing in a height order myself at the last as always, we headed towards our ground. There I slowly started to talk with my girl classmate who was also a new joiner and who was also as dumb as me. Our craziness and mischievousness comes out only when you are in a right company and I found the one right on the first day in the assembly. We ragged a guy who was standing next to us saying there is something on his head. But there was no reaction at all. Then we asked another girl who was not a new joiner that what’s wrong with all these psychic guys in this school, and her reply made our eyeballs bulge out. “We are not allowed to talk to boys” that was the line kept on echoing throughout the day.
Days passed by and I became friends with everyone. But, the girl’s mindset is that even if she gets millions of friends there will be only somebody with whom she gets heart level attachment. As said, we were a gang of three. We were like very thick friends that alI other girls were jealous on us. We used to roam every single street in our area. Since we were very beautiful too we had many fan followings. Haha, I still remember a postman following us for months and he ran away when we threw stones and slippers.
If two girls are besties then they will gossip about the entire world, but if that’s a gang of three, then the two will gossip only about the third one. Likely, we had a one who just irritate us with her endless dramas. But we loved her so much that only because of that crazy idiotic buffoon we both had become close. The most wanted girls were both of us that every teacher wanted to change our seating. She went to the third bench and mine at the last. Words cannot explain seeing our friend getting close with her neighbour girl in class. That too I was literally planning to create some mess between both that she comes back to me. But myself being a chatter box got close with my benchmates too. We were excel in all activities except studies, that we used to roam all the streets after school hours, get an old tape recorder, find a friend’s house whose parents can tolerate us, dance like a mentally retarded goose for mass hit Tamil kuthu songs.
Our craziness over dance and acting skills made us to dance for a famous dance company for a mass number song. A lady from the audience was cheering us too hard and she completely enjoyed our group dance. She personally called me and appreciated for my makeover ,costume and dancing style. That was the first appreciation I had got and that made me completely fall for her and admire her that what even a small appreciation can make someone’s day.
My school always had stringent rules which not only students should adhere to but parents should also follow. If a parent could not attend a so called PTA meeting then the student will not be able to attend the next day class. As a punishment, parent should take their children with them to the school with an apology letter and need to wait for the principal for accepting the apology for the whole day. If they attend the meeting also, they will not be allowed to get outside in the middle.
But, my gang was the only gang who completely enjoyed, never bothered about the rules, happily enjoying the punishments, thoroughly enjoying when our bestie gets caught because of us, standup on the bench moments, fighting for one tiffin box, happiness in untieing our friends hair ribbon, roaming each and every street in our half broken cycle after school , that running moment when our teacher finds us roaming after school hours, cutting cream buns for birthdays due to budget problems, soups and chats during night class, getting caught and having extreme fun while principal starts scolding us, chemistry and physics teacher’s atrocities, doing every wrong things correctly and not having any regrets about it.
The most precious thing that a school can gift its students is arranging for a tour outside that too for a gang like us. With a luggage full of snacks, sweaters and music systems we headed towards kodaikanal. More than the place we are going, the company with whom we are going really matters and because of not having such good company many did not make it for the tour. It started off with a huge scream of heyyyy the moment our bus stepped out of school. Immediately turned on the audio system in the bus, danced as if that is going to be our last day on the earth. It was like a minute we started to dance but we reached the railway station so soon. Those times we spent by doing non-stop gossip about every girl and boy in our school, imitating our friend’s mannerisms, taking crazy pictures which is even more crazy when we watch those pictures now. After reaching madurai, we were literally praying god that our gang must get a separate room and not even a single teacher should share our room, and luckily god heard our prayers and we got a very big luxurious room unlike others who need to stay with teachers that too only 4 can stay in a room. We ten crazy cartoon characters started off the nightstay like, 2 were busy in choosing what night dress to wear, 4 were fighting for one chips packet, 3 fighting for one remote controller and one crazy dumb jumping and bumping on all of us. After finishing off our dinner,with lights off, TV been switched off, all together on the bed, one’s leg on other one’s shoulder,one’s head on another other one’s thighs, we started off with all the ghost stories we knew. All at the peak of scariness we heard someone’s sound inside the room and we are all holding everyone very tightly and didn’t even move a inch, after sometime only we noticed that it was a heavy snoring sound of a mentally retarded species in our gang. We broke into laughter and continued to talk and talk and talk that it became 5 am in the morning suddenly when the same mentally retarded species phone alarmed not more louder than her snoring sound, but nothing made her to move even a little bit from her posture. The completely irritated us, kept on the mobile phone inside her ears immediately when she kicked me like an ass that I started to roll on the bed, suddenly my gigantic well built friend lying on the other side of the bed stopped me from falling down. Everyone were laughing like a hell that even our intestines would have come out if it had continued for some more minutes. Those fights on who has to take bath firstly so that others can sleep for sometime, again fighting for the remote,fight for hairclips, combs and kajals, where some silently went to the terrace and finished off their breakfast and started bullying others. We started off to a temple in madurai and by afternoon we headed towards kodaikanal, where none of us had a drop of energy to even speak because of the last night tragedy. All of us had a very tight sleep during the journey, and suddenly the temperature became so cold, which we were not able to withstand. Slowly we started off our mischievousness by kicking everybody hardly as we were not able to withstand the cold temperature. We had a very good sightseeing at kodaikanal and returned chennai completely drained off. The first week in school after tour, we spoke about the fun and comedy scenes that happened in our tour.
Slowly days passed and we were sitting on the last day of our board exams. So much of prayers, so much of sadness on everyone’s heart completely filled with silence, tears rolling down when we hardly tried to study, all those memories flashing like a dream and it finally broke down when one started to cry out. Everyone were trying to console each other, wiping out their own tears. So many hugs and kisses, those pinky promises we made that we will be together forever, exchanging cards, gifts, letters and scrapbooks. We completed our exams, and with a very heavy heart we bid last good byes to some of our class mates, teachers, the last time view of our school, we left home without able to control our tears.
Though we met during our annual holidays, those times in the school cannot be replaced at all. Those times when our friend calls us to accompany her to the loo, that moment when our friend sings like a crap with us during boring lectures, the way we play hand cricket wrongly every time, the way we used to eat all the time during night class, those times we wantedly delay inside the loo knowing that our friend is waiting outside for her turn, that moment when our friend asks for an extra paper during exam where we wouldn’t have completed the main sheet itself, that moment when we will be caught because of some idiotic fellow, those days when our bestie consoles us with a hug and a letter after a fight, those prank calls we make to irritate our friend, the hard times that would easily fly when we lye on our friend’s lap, the happiness we get when our friend shares her shoulders which even a million dollar salary can’t bring, the peace in our inner heart when we feel their presence, cannot be expressed out in words.
Six years passed, we are still the same, and we all love each other for no reason and we are still ready to do anything for the other. Though we are all far apart just in distance, half of my heart always beats with you all and this distance taught me how much we are ready to do anything for the other.

This is my first blog in tumblr, and kind apologies if I had bored you all with my storyline.

-Sneha VJ 16/01/17