rushhour2  asked:

50,54,60,72. the important questions

50. Ever used a bow and arrow? I HAVE it was cool i would probably use one again

54. Ever eat a pierogi? i think i have??? i feel like i should know this

60. Wear slippers? nah and u kno what the funny part is i own a pair of slippers these things have been sitting in my room unopened for like 2 years lmao

72. Ever won a spelling bee? nO BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOME SHIT OKAY elementary school i wsa labelled as a smarty pants nerd and its because i was smart as shit for my age LEMME TELL YOU so we had a class spelling be followed by a grade spelling bee and then a whole damn school spelling be and you went to states or some shit after that SO HERE I WAS IN THE GRADE SPELLING BEE flexing my shit and its like down to me and one other person and theyre like SPELL WEASEL and im like SHIT…..W-E-A-S…….L-E cause i FROZE and couldnt remember how to end it and i am pissed about it to this day this was legitimately over 10 years ago and i still remember it