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Fanfic prompt: Michael gets shot and Stella sees it all happen without she could do something about it.

Not even going to deny it, I fangirled a little when I got this prompt. I had to read over it several times to make sure that yes it does say Michael and Stella, so thank you, Anon. 

I was so excited by this that I decided to push to get this finished before bed. As a result, it’s a little raw, rushed and terrible (or a synonym for terrible that starts with R). Feel free to send me more Mella prompts and I’ll attempt to do something better with them when I’m properly awake and have some more time. 

Until then, this is what I have. It’s set some time after the season 3 finale. I’m sure you’ll notice that it was a definite influence on this (it’s my favourite episode, I can’t help it). However, it’s not canon with season 4. douchebag Charlie isn’t there. Michael is still alive and I brought Dom back from the dead too because I like him and I figured why not. 


It seems to happen in slow motion for Stella – the way his body jerks back and falls to the ground as the bullet imbeds itself in his chest. She’s unable to stop him from hitting the ground and unable to turn back time and stop him from being shot. It hurts, not quite as much as getting a bullet in the chest, but it hurts her to see him wounded and be unable to stop it. If she’d been quicker… If she’d been closer… But all the ifs couldn’t take the bullet back.

The shooter runs off, followed closely by Josh and the call of “Police! Stop and put your weapon down”. He doesn’t stop. Neither does Stella.

It feels like it’s taken her an age to cross the park and get to Michael. He’s fallen close to the swing set, his fall broken by a blanket of rough bark. She roughly pushes the swings aside to get to him and drops to her knees beside him.

“Michael?” Her voice wobbles as she speaks his name.

 Her hands frantically search for a pulse, her own heart beating twice as boldly as if to compensate. Eventually she finds it, but it’s weak. Satisfied that he’s alive, albeit barely, her hands immediately move to put pressure on the wound.

“Leon, I need an ambulance here right away,” she calls into her comms.

“ETA: 5 minutes, Stell.”

 Stella nods, though there’s no one around to see.

“You alright, Stell?” Leon asks.

“I’m fine. It’s just Michael… Michael.” Her voice stumbles over his name again, incapable of saying it out loud without a tremor until she knows he’s going to be okay.

“Lawson and Dom are 2 minutes out,” Leon informs her, hoping to reassure her, “and Josh has got the shooter.”

She nods again and looks down, seeing Michael stirring, his eyes fluttering open.

“Stell,” he murmurs softly, reaching out to touch her. His hand falls just short of her arm and drops back down to his side.

“Hang in there, Michael,” she replies, feeling her voice strengthen as the knowledge that he’s alive and awake. His eyes drift shut again, but she’s having none of that. “If you don’t stay with me, I’m going to shoot you myself.”

The threat seems to work as a small chuckle leaves his lips and his eyes remain open, trained on her. He feels the dizzying blackness try to claim him and struggles to stay conscious, searching for something to hold onto. His eyes meet hers and he knows he’s found what he needs.

When he speaks, his voice is soft and barely audible, but she hears him all the same.

“Kiss me.”

In light of his last serious injury, Stella shouldn’t be so surprised at his request. She briefly considers denying him, playing that game again, but she knows she wouldn’t. It would only be a matter of time before she caved.

After a moment of hesitation, she indulges him, softly pressing her lips to his for a brief moment. Because, when it comes down to it, they’re always there for each other when they’re needed.