JELSA [A Jack FrostxElsaxRapunzel Adventure] {SMUT/RatedR}

The sun shined bright in the sky over the kingdom, filling it warmth and hope. The citizens walked around content with their queen Elsa and all the great things she had done for them. Another beautiful day in Arrendelle, but hey, that’s not what this little story is about.

After a long day of meetings and tough decision-making of the kingdom, Elsa felt exhausted. Not to say, she still had to meet up with the traders, some lawyers, the civic judge, and the economist expert. Her new life as queen was really taking a toll on her. And she missed Jack. Last she saw him was about six months ago, when he left not only to give her time to settle into her new life as queen, but to do his job and spread fun and happiness to kids in need all over the world.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you later Anna, I need to fetch some treaties that must be reviewed in order to establish a good relationship with neighboring kingdoms” she said to her lovely sister as she made her way up the side fancy staircase of their palace. She groaned lightly as she entered her room, wishing for the end of this long day to finally arrive. She opened up her secret compartment behind her wardrobe and started scanning some documents.

“Hey beautiful” Elsa heard. It was Jack, flying through the window and subtly landing on the floor.

“Oh Jack, please, I’m very busy.” Elsa said, turning away and putting her focus on the treaties.

“Oh, I’ve missed you too.” Jack replied, a small hint of annoyance on his voice.

Elsa closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.” she said quietly, turning around to face the beautiful white-haired figure behind her. “I’m just stressed, and very occupied with all these responsibilities, I really don’t take my role as queen lightly”. She walked closer to him, giving him a warm smile, “but I have missed you dearly, not a day has gone by in which I didn’t think of you” she said as she cupped her hand on his cheek.

“Come on, that’s all you got?” He teased with a devilishly handsome smile.

She scoffed at his nonsense with a quick little laugh. “Oh Jack.”

He gently put his hand behind her waist, and pulled her in against his cold body. “You’re sexy, you know that right” he whispered in her ear, slowly pulling away and meeting her gaze with his blue eyes.

She laughed nervously, “oh jack, now’s not the time.” She added, in the most proper princess-like voice possible.

“I’m telling you” he said, checking out her clothed curvy body. “You’re an angel. You’re sweet, and caring, and beautiful, and so so so kind, and powerful, I mean, you’re running an entire kingdom for god’s sake, you’re just one hell of a woman. And on top of that, you’re just so fucking sexy.” Jack said licking his lips.

“Oh Jack” Elsa replied rolling her eyes in modesty, she was already used to his unsubtleness. “You’re not so bad yourself” she added with a wink.

He pulled her even closer, so that their faces were no more than an inch apart. Her arms wrapped around his neck, while his were firmly grasped on her waist. The room’s temperature started to drop. More & more rapidly, ice crystals forming in the windows, and the floor around them. All the moisture in the air quickly intensifying into dense crystals of ice.

“You forgot my birthday didn’t you” Jack said with a smile.

Elsa’s heart sank. It was his birthday. Of course. She had been thinking about it for weeks now. And she forgot. How could she forget? HOW COULD SHE FORGET? She had gotten so caught up in her kingdom that she had forgotten to remember the birthday of the love of her life. Her perfect match. How could she be so inconsiderate?

“Jack, I-” Elsa started saying, she couldn’t help the guilt that had settled in her stomach. She knew she would have been very upset at him if it was the other way around.

But he interrupted her words with a kiss, closing his eyes the second his lips met with hers. Right then, Elsa forgot about everything else. She forgot the kingdom, she forgot her insecurities and fears, and she forgot about forgetting his birthday. All she knew in that moment was Jack and how much she loved his lips against hers. She intensified the kiss, gently feeling his cold cheek with one hand as she clenched her other on his shoulder. His arms slowly moved up behind her, slowly undoing her dress as their kiss became stronger. She used the little will-power she had within her to pull away from the kiss.

“I’ve missed you so much my snow queen” he whispered as he caught his breath.

“Jack-I’m sorry- nows not the time-come back later” she said, without really doing anything to push him from her. He responded by kissing her neck, sending chills down her spine. He was the only one that could do that to her. The room got colder and colder, to the point where it started to snow—but they didn’t care. Jack pulled down the sleeves of her dress, without much restraint from her—there was nothing she could do, she was his now. The icy white dress made it’s way down Elsa’s curvy toned-yet-pale body. Causing the erection in Jack’s pants to reach its full maximum.

“I’m yours Jack” Elsa whispered in his ear in between breaths. Her large breasts pushing against his body sent an electric shock through his body. There was nothing he wanted more on this earth than to taste Elsa’s body.

“my god, you’re the only one who can make me feel hot” he told her, as he gently lead her over to the edge of the bed.

“Ironically, you do the same for me.” She answered truthfully. “There’s no one on this Earth I can truly be myself around but you. Anyone else would end up getting hurt. But with you I can truly let go and not hold back anything” She added with a feeling of gratitude for having this beautiful blue-eyed spirit of winter in her life.

He met her with another kiss, as he abruptly ripped off her bra. Her hands worked their way down to the bottom of his blue hoodie and then passionately pulled it up against his perfect athletic pale body, revealing his gorgeous lickable abs and defined biceps and muscles. The sight of his body was more than enough for Elsa, she too, wanted to taste every inch of his flawless body.

He led her on to the bed with his own body, guiding his focus 090 to her very decently-sized boobs. He grabbed them both with his hands as he sucked on her neck, making her squirm and moan like she hadn’t in a long time. The intensity of the cold grew, and gusts of cold wind started to pick up even outside the castle.

“Elsa!?” A voice exclaimed from outside the door, “are you okay in there?” It was her friend Rapunzel. A genuine worried tone in her voice. Jack and Elsa were far too into each other to notice her calls.

“I’m gonna make you moan like crazy tonight” Jack said while giving Elsa a sexy smile. He slowly felt her up over her underwear, working his fingers inside her lingerie and over her wet vagina, and teasing her by slowly rubbing them over the lips. Elsa couldn’t bear the pleasure anymore, it was almost painful to want someone this much. She bit on his shoulder and sucked on his neck to try to release much of it, but there was nothing she could do. She started thrusting her hips forward, in hopes of easing the pleasure and working his long fingers further inside of her. He proceeded by licking her boobs, drawing circles around them with his icy tongue and gently sucking on her nipples, his fingers slowly going further in.

“Oh my god!!!!!” Elsa screamed. “Jack oh my god, please” she said, as she continued to moan. “Please. Don’t. Stop!”

He pulled his lips from her hard nipples, “oh baby I’m not stopping”

Rapunzel, standing on the other side of the door, couldn’t bear it any longer, she wanted to know that Elsa was alright. The sudden change in the weather from hot to cold worried her, and she feared the worst. She struggled to open the door due to the fact that it was frozen shut, and once she managed to open it, discovered a room full of snow and ice. She immediately thought her fears were confirmed. But as her eyes searched the room for Elsa as she slowly stepped further in, she caught a shirtless Jack and a half-naked Elsa right under him with shocked faces looking back at her.

Rapunzel immediately felt embarrassed. She covered her eyes. But couldn’t shake the hot image from her head. She was definitively turned on.

Elsa tried pushing Jack from her, and grabbed the closest ice-covered blanket to cover herself with. She gulped.

“I-I oh my…I just…I’ll leave…I’m sorry” Rapunzel said, walking backwards towards the door with her other hand still covering up her eyes.

Jack smiled. There was something about the situation that felt…right. Or wrong. Wrong in the right ways.

Elsa felt it too. “Wait Punzie. Don’t leave just yet.” She finished with a smile.

another creation from my very dirty mind. :). Hope you enjoyed it though, let me know if you want the second part!! I was very tempted to make Rapunzel be Anna instead but thought it’d be too borderline incest and decided against it.

Also, none of the awesome fan art/edits we’re done by me. Credit to their rightful creators.

The suggestion was “A powerswap AU with Jack Black and Pitch Frost!”

Now the suggestion also mentioned the Tooth Palace, which i sketched, but shit happened when i started painting……………

I sort of imagine there are several “mythological/fairytale” beings homes/lairs around the world, though hidden to the rest of us. Pitch Frost is the intellectual curious one, and seek those out, once upon a time he sought out the boogeyman’s lair, which is going to haunt him for a good eternity. (This is not meant to be Jack’s lair, he’s just haunting/stalking Pitch)

“You like him, don’t you?”

This was supposed to a) go with a fic and b) be for JackRabbit week. Unfortunately I couldn’t do either, so you just get the art.

The idea was that Jack is a figure skater for the US at the Sochi Olympics (BOYCOTT RUSSIA! *coughs*), Elsa is a figure skater for Norway and Jack’s friend, and Aster is the seriously hot Australian skier he at first hates, then fancies, then gets together with. And Elsa was too smart for her own good.