I had a dream last night that my fav characters were Pokemon, so I spent a stupid amount of time drawing these guys out.  

Jack is a normal type that evolves to Ghost/Ice.  Tooth is Fairy/Flying, Bunny is Grass/Fighting, North is Steel/Fighting.  Then I thought the characters from the Golden Age could all evolve from the same little Normal Type! So Sandy is Fairy type, Pitch is Dark type, and Seraphina is Grass type.  And I got too lazy to do them but maybe Koz-Steel, Nightlight-Fighting, Mim-Dragon (cuz they’re way powerful not cuz he’s dragon-ish).

Old Enough To Try Anything Once (gen)(8/26)

Original Prompt:

It’s not a big deal, except that everyone seems to think the Boogeyman has a habit of eating children’s hands and feet when they’re left hanging off the bed.

Pitch takes quite a bit of offense to that gross misrepresentation of his character.

Children don’t even taste good :(.

+ Pitch impatiently explaining why North’s Christmas cakes aren’t vegetarian (why does the old man insist on using lard whyyyyyy).
++ Jack annoying Pitch with questions about whether he misses bacon/chicken/human sacrifices
+++ Sandman is the only one who truly understands.

Strangely enough, I got most of the aspects of this prompt, and 2 of 3 bonuses for sure, and maybe 3 of 3 in spirit. Jack wants to know about the hands and feet thing, Pitch doesn’t like this question, and eventually evades it entirely by vanishing into dreamland. There’s a bit of reminiscing with Sandy, as they meet as somewhat antagonistic very old friends (frenemies?).

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Was digging through old folders for SDCC, and got a huge nostalgia attack of old ROTG comics/stories I never finished. 

I can’t even tell when I’ll have the time to do comics again, but I hope to. It’s fun to tell “what ifs” stories.

These cleaned-up and rough pages are part of a larger story. In this “sequence” excerpt, they are trying to find books that are mysteriously disappearing.

(apologies, been a while since I posted. Really really really busy)