Treasure (gen) (6/29)

Original Prompt:

Fantasy AU with book & movie elements. Young Nicholas St. North is Bandit King, who breaks into the hall of the Nightmare King to steal a rumored great treasure, only to find that said ‘treasure’ is a captive (and extremely rare) ice spirit – Jack Frost. He goes through with the theft anyway, leaving him to figure out what to do with the treasure now that he has him.

Either father/son relationship or romance is fine! I just want the focus to be on their relationship. Plus, the world needs more young!North. Such a dashing young scallywag deserves love.

+ The other Guardians as North’s band of thieves.
++ Pitch tries to reclaim his property.
++++If romance: Jack falls for North first and has to persuade him due to (real or perceived) age difference.

North’s theft turns into a rescue, but he won’t be leaving the castle of the Nightmare King empty-handed.

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