“Dave just looks like he likes the look of Bob, not like he’s a bit scared of Bob. Or like Bertie’s friends looked, like they were trying to decide if Bob was worth whatever price was named.”

A sequel to Bertie, the third part of the Bob series.

Handsome Bob has pined for One Two and experimented with posh Bertie but neither experience was really what he wanted.
Someone he has just met may be a better fit.

Handsome Bob, yet another character who lives in my head. Bob really deserves better than he gets in RocknRolla. Hence, Building

What do you think happened on Handsome Bob’s date with Thandie Newton’s husband?
Did they actually go on a date? I don’t think they do go on a date. I think it’s more telling what happened with One Two. Because I think that went down, d’you know what I mean? I think One Two and Handsome Bob had a thing. But Thandie Newton’s husband, I’m not sure they did meet up. I mean he wasn’t that cool was he?
So you don’t think the gay husband was Handsome Bob’s type?
No, I don’t think so. He was too submissive. He was too easy to turn. He wasn’t very sexy, you know?
Poor guy.
Fuck him!

- Tom Hardy in HX Magazine, 2008.