Photoshoot - Erik Durm

I was struggling to keep a straight face as I caught Erik in the corner of my eye making goofy expressions.

“Hey,” I laughed, “I don’t distract you when you’re working.”

“Like hell you don’t,” he countered, referring to all the times I would lure him out of the gym and into the bedroom. I grimaced and turned a fair shad of pink as the people around me began laughing slightly.

“You know what? Erik,” the photographer began, “why don’t you come on over and join Y/N in the shot?” I grinned excitedly and began beckoning him over, but Erik was hesitant.

“Uhm, I wouldn’t really know what to do,” he laughed nervously, and stayed seated.

“You don’t have to do anything, I want natural pictures. Come on now,” he insisted, nodding over toward me.

“It’ll be fun, babe, I promise.” I gave him the puppy dog face which was enough to get him to begrudgingly tread over in front of the camera.

“Just talk to each other, make each other laugh, whatever. But don’t force it,” the photographer instructed and I nodded in compliance.

“Hi,” Erik said awkwardly, which was enough to make me throw my head back in hysterics. “Don’t laugh at me,” he whined, “I’m already nervous.”

“Since when are you camera shy, footballer?” I teased, smacking his chest lightly.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged coyly, “since there’s not a ball at my feet.”

“Someone get him a ball,” the photographer shouted out, looking pleased with the chemistry he was capturing on film. Almost immediately, an assistant hurled a ball over towards us and Erik effortlessly began bouncing it up and down on his knee. He skillfully juggled it about while I watched with jealousy.

“You try,” he suggested, gently kicking the ball over to me only to have it fall to the floor.

“Uhmmmm,” I mumbled hesitantly, “do you not remember us having the talk about my nonexistent hand-eye coordination?”

“Technically this only requires foot-eye coordination,” he said with a wink. “It’s not that hard, just balance it, and tap lightly.” Erik proceeded to coach me through it, but the only result was the ball continuingly hitting the floor and the both of us laughing.

“This is good, you two,” the photographer noted, also laughing at my lack of athletic ability. “Now give me something big to wrap it up.” At that instant, Erik kicked the ball away, hoisted me in the air, and pulled as close together as possible, lip to lip. I was surprised, considering how notoriously private he was and hated when paparazzi snapped our rare moments of PDA. But it was wonderful, to be able to show everyone in the room how much we loved each other.

“Alright, and that’s a wrap.” The crew began applauding as Erik set me back on the ground.

“You’re just full of surprises,” I laughed, wiping the lipstick that had smeared onto his face.

“What can I say, I’m just a natural in front of the camera,” he joked, pretending to flip his hair. I laughed and kissed him once more before we went to take a look at the pictures.

“They’re great, I can just feel how natural they are,” the photographer commented as he and I looked over the hundreds of photos in great details.

“I want this one,” Erik announced. “Can we have this one?”

“Sure, but why do you want this one?” I questioned. It was just a picture of Erik looking to the side while laughing and me watching him.

“I like the way you’re looking at me,” he admitted, a shy smile hiding behind his hand.

“What way am I looking at you? I always look at you like that.”

“Do you really? I don’t know, you look like you love me,” he laughed as he hugged me.

“Well that would be pretty accurate,” I quipped, leaning back against him.

“Alright, Y/N, you were great today. We’ll call you in the next few days, let you have final pick on which pictures we use.  You’re free to go.”

“Thank you so much everyone,” I shouted to all the crew and said my goodbyes. “Come on, pretty boy, take me home.”

Erik unexpectedly scooped me up bridal style and began carrying me away. “Yes, your highness. Whatever you wish.”

Request by willthekid2 : “A very mystical blue, pink, or purple type air or space, (mabye a planet or 2 in the sky) with a lost surviver of some sort, a disaster stuck on a planet for the rest of his/her life, perhaps on one knee kneeling, looking around lost and hopeless… 0.o I love pixel art and love how little squares can move me, especially little games with scenic music and having that goose bump feeling you know? I literally just looked at your page, and think it’d be cool to see what could turn out👍”