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heres something that I Think About when it comes to the Homeless AU. Are the Zimmermanns at all conflicted that bitty hasnt reconnected with his family? Do they ever look at bitty and think of a family missing a child like they were before they found Jack? It wasnt like Jack wanted to be found, it wasnt until someone else gave away where he was that they could reunite. I dont think they would sell bitty out or anything, but do the Zimmermanns ever see themselves in bitty's abandoned family?

Super great question! 

So, there are a few things at play here, and the answer is both yes and no, mostly thanks to the sequel I’ll probably never write. In an earlier draft, I had much more Zimmermann/Bittle interaction and backstory, but it didn’t flow well. 

The story really is about a person’s internal perception of a situation causing an external overreaction. In this case, Jack and Eric are both unreliable narrators relaying traumatic events that they ‘escaped’ before the worst could happen. Both choose to flee a perceived danger out of self-preservation, but they never actually find out if the threat was real.

Jack had a terrifying, caustic fight with his father not long after being low-key threatened by his coach-to-be, and Eric – just figuring out his sexuality for himself – found pamphlets for conversion therapy in his parent’s possession.

[ But where did the pamphlets come from? Spoiler: a well-meaning, if not a completely misguided friend of Suzanne’s. ]

Bob and Alicia are wary of Eric. He’s an unknown element and a reminder of Jack’s troubles, largely because they don’t know his history, his problems, and if he took advantage of Jack when they were both in a dire situation. 

When Alicia goes digging into Eric’s past to find out exactly who her son married, she finds a missing person report, a bare-bones website, a reward offer, and a whole mess of articles about a southern skating star with a bright future up and vanishing.

Consider: a good kid from a small town, whose father coaches the high school football team, suddenly goes missing with no explanation. He has no history of mental illness or depression. That’s not a something gossiped about behind closed doors, that’s a ‘search party in the woods’ kind of scandal for Madison.

Eric Bittle’s disappearance was a tragedy. There are still faded posters lingering behind cash registers at the local gas station. 

Alicia has this information, fully intending to never contact Eric’s family, but she does talk to Eric about letting his family know he’s alive, if only for closure. She knows how hard Jack’s loss was on their family, and she’s empathetic to what Eric’s parents must be going through.

Eric, who at this point is in therapy, married, and going to school, is hesitant but ultimately decides he wants his parents to know he’s alive, and that he’s happy with Jack (a man), however, he doesn’t want to do it alone. 

He uses Alicia as a go-between at first, and through a few tearful conversations, Alicia susses out that Suzanne and Richard are clueless as to why Eric left in the first place and definitely weren’t planning on sending their son away. Which makes her think about Jack, Bob, and terribly unfortunate misunderstandings. 

TL;DR: Eric’s parents were never going to send him away and have been looking for him for years. The reunion is tearful and heartfelt and Eric gets his family back, even if just for a little bit.

[Or not. If you want the story to have the Bittle’s being bigots, cool beans. There’s a reason I left out specifics, so you can do you!]

saferincages replied to your post “Not sure why it’s so easy to give a character that has only been…”

a thing that I find very unsettling is that there’s an element to the way Dean is treated/responded to that reminds me of the real life issues of being a “good” survivor of trauma. in other words, your hurt and grief and survival is only worthwhile if you cope with it and react in approved of ways, and thus Dean is consistently shamed and invalidated, no matter what he does.

if he grieves openly, he’s Too Much, he’s being too maudlin, he should get it together. if he suppresses it, throws himself into work, exhibits stoicism or anger, he’s being mean and hard. if he agrees and compromises, and it goes wrong, it’s his fault. if he disagrees, he’s being closed-minded. I honestly don’t get it. he has this tremendous empathy that gets overlooked which is very important to me but that’s a digression here, I just…

I want him to be HEARD and regarded and given the benefit of basic compassion, and it keeps being denied him over and over again, because he dares to be complex and not easily reduced (and not characterized as a confused manchild oops), because his goodness and his heroism isn’t there to be giggled at cutely or to be easily defined. he’s earned respect and trust, he’s more than earned at least a modicum of space and understanding.

(idk if what I’m trying to express even makes sense any more, I love him so much and I’m tired)

I had to gather your separate responses into one post. Well said.

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Is there a story you are supposed to read before dés vu? Cuz I started reading it and I’m really confused but I love the characters so I really want to understand!

omg thank you sm ;–;<3 and thank you for not giving up even though i probably made it all a little messy and confusing. for a quick solution you can go to my character pages, or you can look through the prep school tag cause that’s the last tag before the story started and a time that the characters reference sometimes. if you’re interested in theo’s childhood there’s a page here for all the benedict tags, they should be listed chrono-ish.

most important thing to know though is that these are the scoobies aka lifelong friends and weirdos and the main character is theo, the girl with long black hair:

from left to right: theo, oliver, dora, paisley, arthur and eirwen

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How did you guys learn Korean grammar? Do u have any resources that u could possibly rec us (it's fine if u don't djdjfjdkd)

hello! you could try using this and talk to me in korean on youtube also has really handy videos they upload occasionally that can help as well! gen really like their one minute videos bc they’re short and sweet and easy to remember :) we wouldn’t advise you buying textbooks until you’re serious about learning because you don’t want to end up just reading the first few pages and then forgetting about the book. but if you ever do want to purchase any, you could consider this or this! they’re both easy to follow and understand ^^ good luck!!

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I know you color every gif differently but could you PLEASE make a tutorial on how to achieve a natural yet pretty look on gifs like on this set? /post/151706273567/happy-birthday-to-the-most-beautiful-boy-both it looks incredible! thanks and sorry for bothering

ah, thank you ;; and it’s no bother!

idt it calls for a tutorial it’s super simple…all i really had in mind for that set was to make gifs with clean brightish backgrounds (and crop them so that there’s a lot of space around jimin) + neutralizing the colors after coloring everything how i usually do! 

new adjustment layer > selective color > choose ‘neutrals’ and then lessen the blacks…not too much but enough to help give them a slight pastel look

and that’s really it ^^;; i hope that helped. 

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i am desp for your thoughts on gorgeous

i am a much bigger fan of beach heist banger READY FOR IT, but GORGEOUS does present us with a fascinating mystery of WHO IS THE LUCKY LADY??? pls don’t message me like “um the song is about joe alwyn’’ bc it isn’t and i can prove it. 

EVIDENCE ONE: the song is a paean to the beauty of the beloved as expressed in lines such as “you’re so gorgeous it actually hurts.” this inspired me to google joe alwyn with breathless anticipation and what did i find but your third choice prom date’s kid brother 

now that we have eliminated joe alwyn from consideration we can search the lyrics for other clues, such as…

EVIDENCE TWO: no gendered pronouns!!! taylor reports that she has a boyfriend and her crush may have a girlfriend, but no further gender-related information is forthcoming except…

EVIDENCE THREE: taylor tells her crush “guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats alone, unless you wanna come along,” no offense but as a pick-up line this is truly lesbionic

THEREFORE i’m glad taylor is out there searching for the girl of her dreams and i hope that if that girl did go home with her she talked to taylor about the moral implications of a false neutrality in the face of fascism and how important it is for all public figures to take a stand at this time of national crisis. 

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hey, when you have time, can I ask which brushes you use for digital sketches/coloring? size, transparency, and whatnot?

I use painter SAI for all my pictures.  

THESE are the brush shapes I use mostly (deviant art download).  I think, anyway.  It’s been years since I added the brushes I use.

THESE are the settings I tend to use, and what I use each brush for.  

I do tweak the various settings for each brush a little depending what I need it for (usually just density or shape though).

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I wanted to thank you for just- running this blog. I've been suffering from clinical depression for the past year and your blog has really been a help. Coming home from a stressful day from school, getting excited to visit your blog, for the first time in a month laughing and smiling because of it! Especially recently, after I was admitted to the hospital twice for my suicidal tendencies. This blog, Sinja, and Magi are one of the only things that kept me here. Thank you. Really, it means a lot.

First of all, anony, to receive such a message is a great honor for me.
It means a lot.
Thanks for sharing even if you really didn’t have to.
I’m happy this blog of mine was able to help even if it was a little.

I drew you a little something:

Sorry that it’s just a messy sketch, it’s all I can do rn ;v;
I just want to wish you a safe and patient recovery!! I’m sure you’ll make it.

And if you allow me, I want to talk about this a little. It may help, but it also may not. If not I’m sorry. I’m just gonna share some thoughts as a survivor myself.

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Is there any reason why JYPE didn't produce enough albums for the comeback? Is it because they didn't realize the demand would be so high an didn't want to risk a loss if they made too many?

It’s just bad management. They produced more albums for the last comeback.