Hey y'all, I just wanted to let it be known that I am working on Steven Universe now. It wasn’t an easy thing cause I love Regular Show so much- Regular Show is where I learned how to be a story boarder! All my buddies are there! But I wanna grow, be better and learn more which means I needed to change. (Being an adult is hard, people!)

Regular Show and its crew will always have special and irreplaceable real estate in my heart no matter how great the future shows I work on are (and I think Steven is going to be pretty darn great.) So please look forward to the rest of my episodes in season 5 ‘cause I think the ones I did with Madeline are some of my best. And, hopefully, you can look forward to my future episodes on Steven Universe too!

‘Steak me Amadeus’ is the very last episode that I worked on with Benton Connor. He was my first boarding partner and basically taught me how to do my job when I came to CA from NY.  We didn’t always agree on jokes but he was invaluable for the early months of my working in Cartoon Network. Thanks Benton!

please check out our episode on Monday at 8/7c !

Season 5 is here! Laundry Woes is the first episode Madeline Queripel and I did together. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes that I’ve worked on and a lot of that I attribute to the absolute pleasure that is working with Maddie. I’m super excited for our episodes to come out and really pumped for season five. You guys, IT’S SO GOOD.

Please check it out with another new Regular Show episode, Silver Dude, and the premiere of Uncle Grandpa this Monday night!