Due Date: May 11th

Hi!! My deepest apologies for being the absolute worst zine host on this good planet earth… I literally spent a month recovering from the finale and being too busy.

Hopefully y'all have been thinking about your entries, or even doing your entries, amidst my incompetence. Some of you have shown me your ideas and sketches already!! Thank you!!!

Our deadline is now officially placed at 3 months from today, May 11th.

Good luck to you all!!! And thank you for dealing with my incompetence!!! 👍👍👍👍👍


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Regular Show Finale

This is going to be a short post, so…

OMG REGULAR SHOW ENDING SO MANY FEELINGS! If you’re a fan of Regular Show, you know how I’m feeling right now. BEST ENDING EVER!

But, here again, I feel sad, too. It’s the same sad I felt when Gravity Falls ended. I hate that.

But then again, I’m happy that I was part of that show. Because, this is the cartoon that I’m very identify with. So many laughs, so mane crazy things I saw. So many that, it would take me the whole day to write all of them in a list.

I want the whole set of Regular Show’s DVD. LO QUIERO EN DVD!

But, good things have to end someday to give the space for something new. I’m glad to watch this series.

Thank you, JG Quintel, for sharing us your crazy world of surrealistic characters. It was a really fun ride, and I hope to see you again in your new cartoon someday.

Regular Show ended last night and I’m still bloody sad about it. Time for some therapeutic fan art to calm my nerves. There’s most likely stronger finales in history, but RS hit hard for me personally because these were cartoon characters I loved and identified with (yes, even a hot-tempered gumball machine) for 6 years and counting. The story wrapped everything up perfectly, but it’s difficult to let go to a series where ‘anything goes’ to the tune of a catchy '80s hit. Not to mention giant robots piloted by baby ducks. My hats off to JG Quintel and his cast n’ crew for 260+ quality (to me, anyway) episodes.


Roger Craig smith a few months ago dropping some dope rhymes for “just friends” #regularshow (at Cartoon Network Studios)

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