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this was the first youtube video that I ever watched

I lost the post I read where it said something really interesting about Libras: that we think every interaction with someone is like our last and that’s the interaction that person will base their feelings towards us on. I think that’s why Libras try to be so polite and charming all the time – it’s because if we’re rude once or even not AS charming then that person will think negatively of us.

At least for me, when with people I don’t see every single day I usually am very polite and sweet. Even with my professors, family friends, and relatives I try to be as Libra™ as possible. One awkward or disappointing action between us, and I start worrying that they hate me and they’ll never think highly of me again.

It’s different with my immediate family who I see everyday. I’m a lot more of my mars and venus around them. I’m much more blunt, outspoken, and critical. And I think it’s because I see them so often I know they can’t judge me on that one interaction.

Strange… any thoughts?

Just a little WIP

I have been working on this office build for a while now and today I decided I needed to get back to it, however when I came back to it I absolutely hated it and I ended up rebuilding the whole thing. I am really liking how it’s coming along, and even though it still needs a lot of work I am planning on releasing it sometime soon. It also includes a meeting room, the “boss’s office” and a reception. I wish to personalize every cubicle at least a tiny bit, so this will probably still take some time to be done, but oh well, just wanted to show you guys my little WIP.

Find someone who can calm the waves inside you, the one who can satisfy your hunger for love, attention and intimacy, the one that will fill up all of your wants and desires and the one that will love you unconditionally, despite of all the flaws that you have.
—  When you already got that person, hold her hand and never let it go, never, ever… 10:44PM (Late Night Thoughts)

i did some things around the house when i got home from our girls weekend this afternoon. i was going to work some more on stuff for my sister’s shower, but i decided to keep reading. after not sleeping last night, this is some good downtime. my massage was good but oof it hurt (even though i asked for gentle pressure because i wanted to relax but i guess my back has been pretty jacked up lol), i know i should not complain haha but it’s nice to just be relaxing. now just waiting for hubs to get home from his weekend away!

Dear Pledis,

I really wish someday Jisoo will have his own single, so that I can listen to his angelic voice for full 3-4 minutes.

It really makes me sad that Jisoo got so lil part in this comeback. Not only in part of singing but also screentime in MV. He is also a part of vocal team you know? Jisoo deserves much better. I’m talking like this not only because Jisoo is my bias but because the matter of fact. I also complain when Jun & The8 get just like one line in Boom Boom era. But, now china line get their own song……. can Jisoo has his own song too? Jisoo said that he is in taking step to write lyrics and making melody in the recent article. So, can I have my hope high for oneday pledis will let him release his own song? I wish, I hope, I want, I need it to really happen.

With love,

A Carat & A Joshushushu