Two mice in a feeding or two feedings?

So this is the first time I’ve fully watched Kabuki eat and swallow. And when he finished, he was looking around and looking for more. I think I’m going to up his feeding after his next shed, but I don’t know if I should do it two rat pups a feeding (once a week) or one and just feed him every five days instead of once a week.
As I’ve said, this is my first snake/ball. I don’t know what’s best for him when it comes to feeding. And if anyone has a recommendation, I’d appreciate it!

Name: Abaddon
Why is that your name?: owner used to be supernatural trash
Morph (if any): Mojave ball python
Age: 1 year
Height (at thickest place of snek chunk): Haven’t measured
Length: About 2 feet now
Weight: Need a new scale
Favorite marking: His stripe that goes from his head to his midsection
Favorite food: Mice
What day do you eat?: About once a week
Favorite hide: T-rex skull
Favorite activity: Sitting with owner and being a good noodle
Least favorite activity: Not being held
Favorite object: T-rex skull hide
Least favorite object: Idk
How awesome is your parent? Rate them 1-10: 10 
A little bit about me:  We found Abaddon in someone’s back yard. They had called us, claiming a “burmese python” was in their backyard and “trying to eat their dogs”. My mom found him behind the shed and we brought him home. He was sweet as could be and we took care of him. He is the most tame ball python I know and I love him to death. He loves hanging out with me and just being around me. (or I think he does lol)