This boy is gorgeous! We had originally planned to keep him but decided on the female version instead. He is available for $350 plus shipping.

2016 Male Black Pastel Mojave YB Het Hypo

Pairing was Black Pastel YB X Hypo Jigsaw

If you are interested, please contact us at Terms of service can be found on our website. Group discounts and payment plans available.


I’m sorry I haven’t been active, I promise I’ll post more! Here is my female Australian Water Python that I got at the October NARBC Tinley Park. :) She’s like a rainbow!


This is Lucifer–he is a 4 month old anthrax reticulated python. Anthrax’s are dwarves and will only get 9-12 feet. Most of the brown you see on him now will grey out and darken; he’s going to get even better with age. His father is a stunning, stone grey color and his mother is almost black, so we’ll see who he takes after. 

I’ve noticed that he is a lot more defensive than Dante and Virgil–neither of which have ever struck at me outside of feeding time, whereas Lucifer starts popping off quick strikes if the wind blows the wrong way–so unlike them, I have some work to do with him handling wise and hopefully he’ll mellow out with age. He’s already had a couple of weeks to settle in, multiple meals, and I have one of my shirts in his tub so he’ll learn my scent and hopefully come to trust me faster and stop seeing me as a big scary predator. 

(excuse the bad lighting and the color being off in photo #2, it’s winter and he’s too unpredictable right now to bring outside for natural light anyway)