First of all, I’m getting rather tired of Laucy shippers and Camila haters throwing shade at myself and Camren blogs for thinking that, maybe Laucy isn’t as real as you want them to be. There is no need to be rude to me for writing a theory you don’t agree with. There is even less need to be rude to the Camren blogs who reblogged my theory. If you don’t like or believe in Camren, don’t go to Camren blogs or read Camren theories. It’s really not that damn difficult.

I will reiterate, my theory was just that, a theory, based on my knowledge of how the Music Industry works, how the P.R. business works, and how the girls themselves are acting. The weird thing is, now I find myself having to explain how I thought up the theory, because it happened.

I’ll address some questions and comments I have been reading, most of which are trying to discredit the possibility of Laucy being a P.R. stunt. I’ll start with; Management wouldn’t use a female/female relationship, or someone’s Bisexuality as a P.R. stunt.

Say what!!! They do it all the damn time. Have you not noticed, over the past several years, it has become quite common for young female entertainers to come out as Bisexual. Hell, it became common practice for female vocalists to kiss other female vocalists, on stage and for the cameras. Madonna, Brittany, Christina, Miley, just to name a few. It’s one of the Industries favorite attention grabbing stunts. Why? Because men love that shit, and now days, most women do to.

“But Lauren kissed Lucy on the lips, they must be in a relationship, right?” NO!!! I just proved that question wrong. What did I think of those photos? I thought it looked like a staged photo-op. But for the actual kiss on the lips, those pics reminded me of 5H M&G photos. Lauren has done the exact poses of the first two pics with complete strangers. When I saw “the kiss” pic, I actually laughed, but I was expecting it.

“Why would Lauren risk her long time friendship on a PR stunt?” I have to answer a question with a question here. What’s the risk, if it’s not real? Honestly, the only risk to Lauren and Lucy’s friendship, is if Laucy is real. You want your lover to become your best friend, not your best friend to become your lover. When the latter happens, more often than not, you lose your best friend and your lover.

Camila reblogged the best quote for this, “If past lovers remain friends, they are either still in love, or they never were.” The timing of that quote could not have been more perfect, and it could easily pertain to Camren and Laucy.

“They wouldn’t use Lucy for a PR stunt because she’s not famous enough, and she’s not another Maverick artist. Maverick only use their artists for PR.” That is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Labels make deals with other Labels all the time. Management companies make deals with other management companies all the time. The way they are using Camila is proof enough of that.

Lucy not being "famous enough" is what makes this the perfect stunt. Almost no one expected it. The fact Lucy wants to be “famous enough” is the part we should focus on. It’s becoming more well known now, after the release of "the kiss" pic, that Lucy has been working on an album of her own. Is it a coincidence, that after the release of that pic, Lucy decided to come out as BI, a second time, because not enough people heard about it the first time. I guess it’s safe enough to say, Lauren is “famous enough” to gain her friend Lucy more notoriety.

‘What’s in it for Lauren? She would gain nothing from this PR stunt?“ Really, because I can think of a few reasons this would help Lauren. First and foremost, it puts an end to interviewers asking if her and Camila are dating. By the way, the last guy to ask that question, was planned. I don’t know about you, but when I type Fifth Harmony into my Google search bar, the first thing to came up is not, "Is Lauren and Camila dating?” Now, if I type in Lauren and Camila, or vice versa, yeah, that’s what I get. The question and answer was part of the PR plan. I loved the girl’s reactions though.

That being said, The best part about the PR stunt for Lauren would be, she doesn’t have to try and sell us on a PR relationship with another dude. Instead of going through another fiasco, like with Brad, she just gets to hang out with her best friend, and maybe kiss her for the cameras a few times here and there. I still believe her and Camila find quality time to be together on the DL, in between Camila’s naps, collabs, videos, and performances, of course. I’m sure Lauren will have side projects of her own. She won’t just be stuck up Lucy’s ass all the time. She’ll, now get to do what she wants in the off season, instead of trying to sell herself as something she’s not, with another made up male lover. Sounds like paradise to me.

“How can I believe this is a stunt, when Lauren looks so happy with Lucy?” What!!! Lauren is happy around Lucy. They have been best friends for ages. They love each other and trust each other implicitly. Besides, Laucy wouldn’t be very believable if Lauren looked miserable around her all the time, would it?

“How can I still believe in Camren, when Camila acts like she can’t stand being around Lauren, or the other girls? She even had her own bus in Europe.” Come on guys. Camila and Lauren can not publicly interact, because they can’t give fodder to the media or Camren shippers. The separate bus was explained if you were paying attention. Camila needed a quiet place, between shows, to communicate with MGK and his people about the concept and ideas for the “Bad Things” video. The very first thing she did when she got back to the States, was go to New York and shoot that video. They recorded the song during the American leg of the tour. They had to have been in constant communication with each other, during the European leg, for that to be the first thing she did when she got home. Everything was all prepped and ready for her when she got there, because they filmed it in a 21 hour period, the day she arrived. The separate bus was work related, not because she didn’t want to be around the girls.

“Why would Syco and Epic agree to a PR stunt like this?” Well, Syco, Epic, and their management teams have been trying, since damn near day one, to put an end to the Camren rumors. They have tried everything. They couldn’t use the term Camren anymore, no more cute selfies, no more cute tweets or long telling B-day posts, and no more sitting together for interviews. All any of that accomplished was making it look like they were trying to hide something. They had to change tactics, so they controlled their public interaction and let them be beside one another occasionally, which made it seem like the lack of fun interaction was Camren’s choice.  There needed to be “tension” between them, for any PR stunt to work. Nothing they tried worked, though. The Camren fandom continued to grow. The PR relationships, they tried with the guys didn’t fly. The only thing to come along and put a weak spot in the Camren rumors, was Lucy. They realized this, formed a plan, and ran with it.

Lucy has managed to do what they have spent damn near five years trying to do. Laucy has not only taken the focus away from Camren in the media, and made Camren shippers doubt the validity of their ship, it has even made people doubt their gaydar where Camila is concerned. Apparently, if she is not with Lauren, she must be “straight”. There are heartbroken Camren shippers out there, who now hope that Camila will find her a nice boy that will make her as happy as Lucy appears to make Lauren. This shit worked like a charm, like they knew it would.

Lastly, “why would Lauren and Camila agree to this if they love each other? Why would they want to "kill” Camren?“ "Killing” Camren is Managements goal, not Camila and Lauren’s. I’m going to be completely honest with you here, and tell you, I strongly believe Camila and Lauren are the ones who actually came up with the idea of Laucy. The only thing they want is to be able to interact and be themselves around each other, without the media questioning their every move, and the “fanatical” shippers disrespecting everyone else in their lives.

The hate those “fanatical” shippers are slinging at Lucy right now, is an example of the exact reason I believe the girls, not only agreed to this stunt, but were the masterminds behind it.

O.K., those are my thoughts on how I came up with my theory, and how I believe this PR stunt could work, if it’s real.

Do I believe Camren is real? I have no problem seeing the purity of the love between them. Is Laucy real? If it is, Lucy is the most forgiving understandable girlfriend on the fucking planet.

Someone had left three stacks of 45 lb plates on each side of the leg press today and instead of taking them all off to put on my 35 lb plates I tried the 45’s and I did it! First #pr in ages. Been sick and sad the last few weeks. Going to keep trying through the holidaze and get back to it with serious commitment in the new year. #nevergiveup #neversurrender

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I’m going out on a limb here.

I think babygate, as a practical matter, is over.  Louis hasn’t had any involvement in the stunt for ages now.  If and when we get a paternity denial is another matter.  (They could just let it fade away until Louis is in a position to be doing interviews again.)

I do believe the countdown was real - a countdown to some sort of sunset or expiration date.  Even though there haven’t been any big announcements, etc - we’re starting to see a shift in the narrative.  Liam didn’t have Cheryl at the Bolt premier for instance.

Time will tell if I’m correct.


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