Want to Use Social Media to Your Advantage? Let Taylor Swift Show You How With These Media Relations Tips
There is a great deal that can be learned from Taylor Swift, her career and her impressive rise to fame at such a young age. However, from a PR perspective what is most impressive about Taylor Swift is the way this performer uses social media to her advantage. Here are some of the biggest tips and lessons we can take away from Taylor Swift’s approach to social media PR.
By Andrew Marsh
Breaking Mr. X

 So Bella and I went through the riddles of Mister X ( )  and had a serious conversation/discussion on what could they mean.

Note that this is just our opinion. We are not claiming that it is true. These are just assumptions.

Blue and green just couldn’t blend. That’s why their friendship had to end.

- Louis and Harry couldn’t agree on some terms that’s why their “friendship” had to end. We believe that Harry wants to come out however, Louis, for some reason, does not want to come out, yet or maybe never. 

The wolf’s pack is coming apart. Soon he’ll be a lone wolf with a broken heart.“ 

- So this is Louis with a broken heart. Things will fall apart. Harry will hate everyone for this. And might be the part where he comes out and breaks down.  Also, when Zayn left, the band kind of fell apart. Everyone (almost) turned their backs on him and he felt lonely.

The little one who enjoys to act tough will surely have it the most rough if he does not learn to keep his mouth shut.

- We all know that Louis is the little one who seems to always have it all together but when the fallout begins, he will be the one who runs out of words. Maybe even a shattered wall. 

“ Coffee cup, red lipstick, and loaded gun have all been tossed away but how long will the bitter taste on brown eyed boy’s tongue stay?

- We think this is about Zayn’s tweet to Louis about the “bitchy comments”. Because Zayn is the one taking all the hate just for a secret he does not keep. 

He’s not really a beast just a man who lost his crown, because he accidentally got caught wearing a frown.

- Zayn leaving One Direction because he was “sad” and “wants to live a normal life” 

The lion gave up stalking his prey. “

- Zaughty is dead.

  “ When the flames turn to dust the secrets will be found in the remains, along with the ashes of four little birds.

- So there will be a big fallout/drama. And in this battle we will find out the secrets behind everything that’s been going on. There will be an issue and it will bring up past issues and create bigger drama. Everyone will be involved but we believe that Larry is major part in this. Could lead to only Harry coming out, could lead to Larry being confirmed. Zayn could come back. As of now, we don’t know yet cause the drama hasn’t started. But the storm is coming.

That’s not to say one of them one rise like a Phoenix. He was chosen to survive. “

We believe that Louis is the Phoenix. 

“ The one who’s treated like he’s invisible is absolutely miserable. He has many secrets and a boy who is his weakness. “

- Ziam. Liam being the “invisible”, meaning no drama with him. Being prim and proper and Zayn is his weakness. ( Bromance. We are not sure about Ziam being in a romantic relationship) 

“ The people who support them hurt him. Not because he hates what they want him to want, but because he can’t have what they want him to want. “

- Harry wanting to come out and confirm Larry. He wants to come out and be free and just tell everyone how much he loves Louis However he can’t give that to the Larry shippers because managements says so. He’s down because he knows he will be accepted but the management is still holding him down. So close, yet so far

The one who answers all the questions is actually very quiet. He lives day by day on autopilot. “

- Liam. 

“ He’s told to fake a smile, taught hold a note for a while. Told to lie about his health, taught that in this world you need stealth. “

- Zayn. Faking a smile like he is fine being out of the band. Holding a note for a while, cause he hasn’t been singing. Told us that he wasn’t healthy anymore that’s why he left. Was on stealth mode during his time out of the band. 

“ The Raven has flown off to do his own thing. New videos and his songs heard on the radio. Try to find humor in the rumors spread about him. “

- Zayn, Raven = black = Zayn’s hair. New videos, referring to the leaked video of Naughty boy, Songs, referring to the soundcloud leaked song. 

“ Not everything is meant to be a rhyme, and not everything is about the lion, raven, or the two with blue eyes. “

- It’s not just about them as individuals, it’s about the band as a whole as well. The new “One Direction”. They are re branding. Sorting out the market. Wanting a more mature audience. With all these drama, only the open minded ones will stay. That’s their target. The mature ones that will stay. Who will understand. 

“ The underdog will rise. Do not let it be a surprise. Once he’s found himself. Once he grounds himself. When those brown eyes no longer cry. “

- Zayn, finding himself and comes back to where he belongs, One DIrection. 

“ A boy got shot with one of his arrows straight through his heart. The arrow got pulled out when it was time to part. It may comeback one day “

- Liam having arrows on his arm, one was taken away, which broke his heart (Zayn’s departure) Zayn might come back. 

Hope has always been the rope that ties them together. As soon as it is lost they will suffer a large cost.

- Harry has been keeping himself together for the past years and he’s been hoping that one day, they will set them free. But if that does not come soon, he will fall apart. Maybe come out unplanned? This is the day the fans don’t want to come. Harry has been the kindest person on this planet and once he’s reached his limit, it will not be pretty. If this happens, it will cost money however, it will not cause a lot of damage financially for the WWA tour and Midnight Memories did way much than anyone couldve expected. This can just cost emotional damage to the group and the whole fandom. This is where the re branding comes in. Re branding does not mean the need to get more fans. It can also mean having a different target, which is the older bracket. Because to be honest, they are more that the bubblegum pop boy band they used to be and if the re branding means having a smaller group but will be fit for their image and what they are, then they can. They cannot always have 12 year olds on their show while they moan “Oh baby yeah” and grab their crotches and dance to the mic stand likes poles. They are growing up, so should the fans. They have been here long enough to make money to cover for the re branding. 

He left behind one feather. That will be their tether.

- Zayn has a tattoo on his back that looks like a feather. It’s a bird tattoo. 

There is an addition. Hampton Music Limited is soon to get recognition. Rivals will always be rivals.

- We did research on Hampton Music Limited and it is under Liam’s name. The company is said to maybe handle finance for other artists for it was owned before by Alan McEvoy (a celebrity accountant) If you put the pieces together, Harry has a publishing company that involves writers (for music/composers) Louis, has a record label and now, Liam has a company that handles artists’ money? And the rumors spreading around that they might be signed by Azoffs as their PR management? This might be a new team for One Direction after the contract with Modest. Here are the links for the Hampton Music and Alan McEvoy and Louis’ record label and Harry’s company

People grow tired of waiting to get something they desire. One little bird is going to break free, while the other is left behind to plea.

Harry will come out, we’ve been waiting a long time. Imagine how bad Harry wanted this. He wants this as much as we do. God know how hard it is to hide who you are and your true happiness. The one who will be left to plea is Louis. We think Louis will be the cause of Harry breaking down. 

Does he visit the Angels to make connections, or is he there to seek protection?

Harry meeting up wth the Azoffs. Some say they are evil for stealing them from the management but we believe that Harry wants them to be their new handlers cause they will give them a proper treatment. Connection or protection, Azoff is here to help. 

It’s very easy to break a tie when your friendship was a lie. Ravens may fly away but they’ll be back  once skies aren’t grey.

- Zaughty was a lie. Zayn being the raven did leave for a while but he will come back. 

The one you treat like royalty will question his loyalty. The truth is her record isn’t clean. She’s always been part of the scene.

Zayn has been treating Perrie like a queen, hence leaving for her. But the question is, is Zerrie real? We don’t think so. ( This is a different topic we will discuss maybe on out future posts) Perrie has questioned Zayn’s loyalty (cheating rumors)

“Green and Brown both have dreams. Both are fighting to be free. Brown is sadly being tamed. Green is learning to be unashamed. “

Harry (green): Harry being ashamed of what’s going inside the management. He’s ashamed of the stunt. We all know Harry cares about the fans and how the fandom works. Every drama that happens, there is a fan out there harming herself. To some, The band is their savior. And if there is something going on, that person may grow weaker. And when this drama make sense at the end, people will realize that this is a stunt, some fans will feel betrayed and Harry might not have the words to explain.

Liam (brown): We believe that Liam is against all this. He is a kind hearted person and he is not really in this business for the money he is here because he loves his job not what his job makes him to do. We think he is fighting to make things right but can only do so little.

Both are fighting to be free. To just do what they want and love. Harry wants to be free. Liam wants to just do his job without all of this drama. In regards to Ziam, we are not yet sure if they want to be free in that context as well but it could be a possibility

  Two different stories describing the same moment in time. Calling it a mistake made the other heart ache.

-  We believe that this is about Larry. We think Louis was straight and during xfactor days, something happened between him and Harry and Louis said it was wrong, Maybe Louis told Harry it was an accident. and it made Harry sad. We think Harry is full blown in love / gay for Louis tho Louis was with Hannah. Remember Louis coming home during the xfactor house and when he came back, that’s when the Larry things really came out. Maybe, Louis realized that he loves Harry and broke up with Hannah tho he is still not sure about his sexuality. All he’s sure of is, He loves Harry. But that’s all done now, LOUIS GOT THE DAGGER. 

One of the birds already died. Afterwards a lion came alive. The Raven is next, but there’s no need to fret. He’ll be his realer self I bet.

- One of the bird is Louis (Zouis twitter feud) Lion is Naughty boy. Raven is Zayn. Naughty boy showed his real self (using Zayn). Zayn might come back.Zayn is not the bad guy.

A lion lives proud, but cannot live in a cloud. A snake a deep thinker and is sly, but cannot fly. One bird will survive he is the Phoenix.

-  Lion is Naughty boy, he’s now enjoying his fame but not for long. The snake is Zayn. He wants to do what he wants but he is controlled by the management like a kite. So that’s why he can’t fly. The one who will survive is Louis. He will have a comeback on this drama. 

In the end he will be torn. He was the one destined to be reborn. The others will sink. All that will be left of them is his ink.

Louis will be broken in the end cause Harry will be mad. Like we mentioned, Louis might be the cause of Harry breaking down. But he will be reborn, Larry will be okay. 

The boy with the bug on his chest,
has more secrets than the rest.
These could destroy the band.
Too bad nobody understands. 

Harry’s butterfly tattoo. Harry has a secret. (being gay/larry) This could be the reason for the band’s drama. Nobody understands cause not all understand the pain of having to hide your self. Having to hide your true self hurts especially when you know that people will accept you who you are. It’s hard to be controlled. Harry is depressed. Harry is not happy. Nobody understands cause he’s the secret the band keeps. He’s being used for the PR. The management is using him that’s why they won’t let him come out. Like the band agreed to do this stunt for the band and Harry is mentally hurt. He might reach his limit and break down. And his relationship with Louis is also on the line. 


I change my IP every day,
that’s all I have to say.
You’ve tracked the wrong guy,
you’re living your own lie.

They have reached out to me,
and I was there to answer their plea.

My indentity will remain hidden.
Showing my face is forbidden.
I assure you I am close to the boys.
Without me they would have no joys.

We believe that Mr. X is Ed sheeran, he changes his IP for he travels. He is in different places. He’s close to all of them and write songs with and about them. He knows how the industry works and we believe He sees what Harry feels. He is just trying to help in the best way he can. The way Mr X stated the riddles are like Ed’s lyrics. Hence, little bird, blue eyes, raven. 

We think Harry opened up to Ed and this is Ed’s way of warning us so we won’t fall apart and just keep it together. Remember Ed’s X album? He was writing the album during the Mr. X era. 


Just because a storm is a coming does not mean that One Direction will end. This is just the start of the new “One Direction”. You might be thinking that why are they doing this, this is to sort out their image not to who they want to be. We think they will leave Modest with a changed image and having a new team, continuing what they do best. With a drama free environment. 

You might ask why are they agreeing if they will leave Modest? It’s called using your resources. Modest taught them how to gamble in the music business. They are just playing the game they taught them how to play. After all, this is Hollywood, who wouldn’t want a little drama? 

Some of these riddles were written during 2012. 

We believe that this stunt was supposed to be pulled off for 2013 however, Midnight Memories and WWA tour did so good that they didn’t need this stunt for promotion. Having said, FOUR was not promoted the way MM was and this is a opportunity for this stunt. When Zayn left, One Direction’s sales went up by 50%. Coincidence? Hm. 


After all these riddles and long discussions, 

We strongly believe that,

this is a PR stunt.

Zayn will come back.

Zerrie , Haylor, is fake.

Eleanour is a beard.

Ziam might be real

and of course, 


You’re welcome. 


Sophia and Bella.

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Their agenda is to carry out what the leading guru of the PR industry, Edward Bernays, years ago called the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinion of the masses. Which he regarded as a central part of democracy. He was, incidentally, no reactionary. He was a Kennedy-Roosevelt liberal, highly respected around Cambridge. And what he was presenting – this happened to be in the main manual of the PR industry but it reflected general intellectual attitudes – that means creating artifical wants, atomizing people, separating them from one another, making sure they don’t disturb us important folk in the political arena, turning them into isolated atoms of consumption, obedient, having the ‘right’ opinions which don’t bother us, and properly jingoistic and supportive of power. That’s the agenda. And they’re happy to tell you about it. And they spend huge amounts of money on it.
—  Noam Chomsky

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Breaking Mr. X  (2.0)

Here, we have the old riddles from two years ago. We are trying to figure out the ones related to what is happening now. If you want to add something or share your thoughts, feel free to drop a msg! 

Note: This is just our assumptions!. We are not claiming this to be true. These are just our opinions.

Five little birds are trapped in a CAGE,
one little bird fell off the stage.
Four little birds, the cage is getting narrow,
one little bird got shot by an ARROW.
Three little birds come out to play, one will die
Two little birds one about to die, no one hears his painful cries.
The four dead birds the last one mourned. His heart was tragically TORN.

The cage is modest, the bird that fell off the stage is Zayn.The bird that got shot by an arrow is Liam (Ziam bromance/romance) Two birds about to die, LARRY. Harry will be the emotionally dead and Louis being the closeted one cannot be heard when he cries.

The time will come and a heart will soon stop beating. A love once strong will leave one weeping. The world is spinning leaving everyone confused. A war so strong it will spark a fuse. Be prepared my dear. For the end is drawing near. A sword will be no help.No one will hear his cries. One will fall, broken, into his own blood. Four will stand tall, Obvious to the young one.Take a deep breath, some will leave, some will stay, some will never be able to look past the day. Some will cry and run away, but that doesn’t mean One Direction will also be affected. In fact dearest, is it their fans that will not be protected. Fear not, it w: Strangill be over soon. It also maybe lost. Oh don’t be selfish, please oh please! There are millions of you, and sadly, only one of me. Share what I’ve gifted you. Oh I hope you do.

Larry will have a fight. Louis being the deep closeted cannot/afraid do anything if Harry will flip, get mad, get tired of the situation. Harry will be so hurt but the anger will over power it. It will start a big fight between them however no one in the band can’t do anything about it and Harry will be left fragile and broken. Louis cannot show any emotions to the public leaving him mourning at night. Some will leave, some will stay, some will never be able to look past day. This is for the fans. Some fans will leave for they cannot handle the drama. Only the matured ones can understand the situations will be left. Which is what the band wants for the re branding. As we have mentioned it the past posts, they are doing this not to gain fans but to get a new market/image. The boys are getting old so as their music and personalities. One Direction will not go anywhere it’s the fans that will change. We cannot blame them for this for it is what the band needs. They cannot be 18 forever. To support this, In OTRA, the boys have started to act their age. Be the man who they are compared to the bubbly jumping suspender wearing boys during Take Me Home. This is who they really are. They have been seeding the re branding ever since WWA. They started with subtle sexual gestures to what we now witness as the Harry Styles moaning segment every concert.

The boy from the nation orange and green, will never be able to find his queen.

Protection is what he seeks, but the curly haired boy starts to speak.

This may have something to do with Niall being linked to a girl that dumped him. (We are not sure if it happened already or bound to) This can also be the start of Harry giving more obvious hints about being gay.

The Irish lad, will soon be sad.
His friends have gone off the walls.
Or is it him who set them up for their fall?

We are not sure about this but this indicates Niall being someone involved in everything. (Thoughts? )

The truth is hidden, but will it be overwritten?

The curly haired boy will tell it all, only leading to his own fall.

Harry will come out.

The outcome is only declared by the presenter himself.

It is now his turn to decide…

Should he come out, or go back inside?

Thoughts on this? We have a few ideas about this but we are still not sure if it already happened or bound to happen. We have a number of theories that can lead to different outcomes. But this is Larry related. A possibility that this is just about Louis or Just Harry, maybe both. 


Someone isn’t who they say, but one secret will make it okay.

This describes Louis. Hiding himself because he may not yet embraced the fact that he is gay but with Harry everything makes sense. He is not sure about the things around him or in him all he is sure about and what is important to him is that, he loves Harry


I may be a friend, I may be a stranger.

But don’t worry about me, for your boys are in danger.

Focus on the word “me”, the question was referring to Harry being in danger and Mr. X answered don’t worry about “me” . Is this Harry? Or is it Ed talking for Harry? (Please share your thoughts in this)

The concert Begins.
Fans Scream and Cheer.
They don’t expect
The event that is near..

The boys will come on stage
preparing to sing
However one won’t.
With me in the wing.

The one with curly hair,
and emerald green eyes.
Such a pity it is
to see the doom to arise

He’ll get ready to start
as I load my gun
Quick shot to the head
This boy will soon be done

You have been warned.
he will soon be no more.
Instead of five boys in 1D
There will only be four.

“However one won’t. With me in the wing. “ remember Harry being in the wing section on the stage during some songs? And Zayn not being there as well. 

We think that this is like Harry talking to his self. Like his dark self talking about how he will fall apart on the stage.

The boys will be left alone by me of course,
but management will take them by force. 

We think that Harry will leave the boys alone (come out) the boys will support Harry but management will pull them back. Leaving Harry alone. 


You people are not thinking of his emotions,

his tears are going to flow like oceans.

It may not be on stage, but look again and you will see.

The curly haired boy’s secret will soon be free.

Harry will come out not because he is selfish and he wants to be happy but he is coming out because he cannot take it anymore. 


General Thoughts: 

We think that Ed could be writing for Harry. 

Sophia and Bella