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001: The Bedside Table

Lucius had never honed his organizational skills; his robes were always in constant disarray, his hair likewise, and his room did not differ in the least. For his mates, he was a nightmare to bunk with, likely to send shivers down the backs well of  those more tidy than him ( a classification that didn’t narrow his audiences much in truth )

Still, it was an organized mess of its own, even navigable in all its disorderly chaos. 

Well… mostly.

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So EL James did an Ask on Twitter. Imagine How it Went

This isn’t Outlander related, but I know that often 50 Shades of Grey gets compared to Outlander. I don’t know why, but it does, and so while perusing Twitter today, I saw that #AskELJames was trending.  To say I was thoroughly entertained by what I saw, is an understatement. And so, for your enjoyment. A quick summary of a lot of different questions that were asked to E.L. James. Needless to say, I think her PR Team is kicking themselves in the ass several times for this mistake.

  • #AskELJames what do you hate more? a) good literature b) consent c) women d) healthy relationships e) all of the above
  • #AskELJames How much money does a  partner need to earn for them to be ‘romantic’ instead of abusive? Asking for a friend.
  • #AskELJames At what point did you realise that the most violent sexually sadistic act in your story was your rape of the English language?
  • #AskELJames I have a lot of respect for you actually, you’ve proven that you can succeed without having any talent. It’s remarkable.
  • #AskELJames Is there a safe word which will stop you from writing anymore of this bollocks?
  • #AskELJames My bf sold my car without my permission, should I be in awe for this romantic gesture or file a theft report?
  • #AskELJames have you spent more time blocking people or answering question from fans only over the last hour?
  • #AskELJames how does it feel to promote abuse as romantic, cheapening people’s abuse experiences and pretty much mocking them?
  • #AskELJames Do you realise that listening to criticism - especially legitimate criticism - is a vital aspect of being a good writer/human?
  • #AskELJames why do your books perpetuate r*pe culture and the harmful stereotype that victims can miraculously save their abusers?
  • #AskELJames what makes you think that surviving childhood trauma gives someone the right to brutalize someone else?
  • I’ve just been sick and some alphabetti spaghetti landed on a blank piece of paper, could I have your publisher’s email address? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames Did your agent convince you a hashtag twitter livechat was a good idea? Incidentally, have you found a new agent yet?
  • #AskELJames How proud are you that you managed to out-do Twilight as a horrible example to girls? I mean, that’s impressive. *Slow clap*
  • #AskELJames Are you getting tendinitis from having to hit “block” so often :(
  • My boss said no when I asked if I could kiss him and then I did anyway because no means yes right? Things at work are awkward. #AskELJames
  • Is it meant to be a hilarious joke that Ana is an English major, given how appallingly written your books are? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames I need advice on making a BIG romantic gesture. Should I put a GPS tracker in her phone and make threats if she tries to leave?
  • #AskELJames Do you refer to all abuse survivors as “haters” and “trolls”, or is it only those who dare to criticize your books?
  • #AskELJames Can you confirm that you will be writing the story of Ramsay Bolton from his perspective, showing he is just misunderstood?
  • Will there be a delay to our answers while you wait for Stephanie Meyer to answer them first, so you know what to write? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames Is it only ok for Christian to stalk, coerce, threaten & manipulate Ana because he’s hot, or is it also ok because he’s rich?

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