So I stupidly went on to AnythingBatch to see background to this this whole Hay issue, daft move I know but I’m getting a little pissed off at being labelled a BC hater. Before I get to the above screenshot let me just say this……..
I do not hate BC, far from it. Am I disillusioned with him? Yes. Am I done with being lied to? Yes. Do I believe this whole thing is a sham/showmance? Yes. Do I believe she is faking a PG? This I’m not sure about. I have so many conflicting thoughts about it but I will say this, IF she is PG then it has got to go down as the weirdest, most uncared about PG in history and of course an Oops or not BCs at all. Do I believe they are in love? No. ALL of this has been for PR and nothing will convince me otherwise.

Back to the picture above. What. The. Actual. Fuck. I know that you should take everything on IMDb with a sack of salt but really?! This also is something else I’m pissed about that has come from this whole “show” (along with the reactions from nannies and AnythingBatch) the lies and the spin that are making SH seem more accomplished than she actually is and the fact that it is going against EVERYTHING BC has spent over a decade working towards. I’m more annoyed that people ie. Nannies are actually sitting back and LETTING it happen.

Take away the sides, us skeptics and the nannies. Take away the beliefs of each side. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day it still leaves you with the heart of this whole situation and that is the fact that we are ALL being lied to. Badly.

Hello, good sir. I will be auditioning for the part of Ron Swanson. I will not be singing because that is a waste of time. Instead, I will be handcrafting a chair from this fine piece of cedar. If I were to sing, however, it would be a heartwrenching rendition of a song that I wrote. It is called “Silence.” It has no words and no music. Thank you. I will proceed now.


A United Kingdom branch of Krispy Kreme has officially apologized after advertising their short-lived “KKK [Krispy Kreme Klub] Wednesdays” promotion for their Hull location. Apparently, people outside the U.S. — including the representatives from Krispy Kreme’s British headquarters who approved the promotion — are unfamiliar with the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization known for grotesque violence primarily against black people.

Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s also dumber.


My friend confided that she’s currently seeding for a lesbian actress who’s going to come out this year.

They’ve been seeding the idea that this celebrity’s gay for about 5 or 6 months now — arranging for her to be papped in public with another female on multiple occasions (even though all they’re doing is grocery shopping or walking down the street), seeding stories in tabloid news outlets that she may be in the closet, and generally getting her fans to start talking about and accepting the idea that she’s gay.

The whole thing is planned out and is meant to build sympathy with her fans so that when she comes out their response will be an elated “I KNEW IT!”
And this is a year long strategy, with seeding planned on four consecutive three month push-pull cycles. (PUSH is when they push a story to the influencers, and PULL is when influencers have eaten that story up and are begging for more information.)”


Aug 1 - Nov 1 - Feb 1?

Next one - May 1?

blue-eyed-charlie asked:

Funny experiment: when you type "Louis Tomlinson g" in google the first option would be gay/gif depending on the internet provider. Not a single option was "girlfriend". Quite the opposite with Harry Styles g - "Gif, girlfriend". Isn't it amazing considering the fact that Louis is the one with the gf and Harry is the one saying being a female is not that important? Huh.

eh… I’m pretty sure it was established that the ‘[celebrity] + gay’ search was erased for all of them.

I mean, when you type that you get no suggestion whatsoever funny that:


This is interesting though:

even though Harry is WAY more researched than Louis, the charts do the same exact figure. I WONDER WHY. The highest peak is April 2012, the second one is August 2013, the third one July 2012, the fourth one was dum dum dum dum… November 2014 I WONDER WHY. Meanwhile for Louis February 2015 is looking like it will rapidly become the highest peak, otherwise it mostly imitates Harry’s.

Related searches for Louis:

'harry styles gay' 100% (Liam and Zayn are related searches but at a 25% rate, Niall's not figured).

In Harry’s case:

only related 50% if you’re wondering why maintaining BOTH their images as straight then… and on that note. ‘Harry Styles Nadine Leopold’:

'Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder'

the more you know…