Where The Signs will Live in the future
  • Aries:at first you'll be living with your best friend in an amazing apartment for college and then you'll buy a cute urban house.
  • Taurus:u live in a small apartment. it's okay it'll get better
  • Leo:You buy a house that's small, but has a huge pool. Oh well, maybe you can find a way to live in the pool?
  • Virgo:You'll buy a house that's plain, but has a huge backyard. You paint the house your favorite color. It's beautiful, you plant some flowers and trees in a section of the backyard. You put some lights and furniture outside so it looks pretty.
  • Libra:In an apartment that's big enough for your family. After a while, you'll save some money and you'll buy a house that isn't too big nor too small.
  • Scorpio:At first you'll struggle to find a house, but then you find this amazing apartment that's pretty big. It fits your budget and you live there for a long time. The living room has white carpet, and the hallways have dark bamboo flooring. It's perfect. You put art on the walls.
  • Sagittarius:You'll travel with your best friend to another country. You and your best friend will settle there and you'll both live in an apartment until you both go your own ways. You'll live in a fancy but comfortable home with your beloved and your best friend lives across you.
  • Capricorn:You will live in a house that floats. I mean in the future hopefully they make houses float 😉
  • Aquarius:Beverly Hills, living next door to amazing famous people. Celebs visit your house because you're the chillest neighbor they've ever had.
  • Pisces:You'll have a beach house; except the twist is your house is on the water. Your rooms are underwater. It's beautiful, in the windows you see the fishes. You live in a safe area, and you're near the sand. You live with your family, and your friends visit every now and then.