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Percy ‘this shit wasn’t in the contract’ Jackson

Annabeth 'deadass fight me’ Chase

Grover 'my enCHILADAS’ Underwood

Jason 'fuck u and ur asshole ways’ Grace

Piper 'what do you mean I can’t do that’ McLean

Leo 'this is a bad time, I'ma make puns’ Valdez

Hazel 'didn’t come back to life for this’ Levesque

Frank 'lmao wait what’ Zhang

Reyna 'I could fukin kill you’ Ramirez-Arellano

Nico 'I have a doctors note’ Di Angelo

Will 'doctors orders’ Solace

Thalia 'what do you mean punk is dead’ Grace

Clarisse 'kys before I kill you’ La Rue

Travis 'u put the bombs on the wrong hill?’ Stoll

Connor 'don’t be an idiot’ Stoll

Meg 'it’s raining trash, hallelujah’ McCaffery

Apollo 'i cant believe zeus would ever’


Percy Jackson Characters + About To Die
  • Percy: *sarcasm*
  • Annabeth: *is sassy and argumentative*
  • Jason: *internal screaming*
  • Piper: *charmspeaks like a boss*
  • Hazel: *'bring it bitch I died already' feels*
  • Leo: *awkward flirting*
  • Frank: *turns into random animal*
  • Nico & Will: *bickering*
  • Reyna: *is a badass*

hey everyone perusing the piper tag right now can you uuuuh maybe Try a bit Harder when you draw her. google what native people look like. maybe. for once in your life. draw her hair darker maybe? brown eyes? ignore rick? all that beautiful stuff

Poseidon took a deep breathe as he transformed. He’d been doing this for 3 years in secret. He fixed his tie then knocked at the front door of the apartment. A woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes opened the door. She smiled at Poseidon.
“Happy third anniversary, Sally.”
Sally embraced him, “Happy third anniversary, Paul.”