Brazilian Pop Culture: Protesting #28

I want: 

( ) Tchu

( ) Tcha

(x) 10% of the GNP to [go] to education

This is a reference to a popular song from when I was growing up whose lyrics went 

Eu quero tchu                                   I want tchu

Eu quero tcha                                   I want tcha

Eu quero tcha tcha tcha tcha tcha    I want [to] tcha tcha tcha tcha tcha 

…God, that song was annoying. And it was everywhere. I mean, I liked it at the time. But now I understand why whenever anyone would blast it my mom would be all 

anonymous asked:

What's pib? :)

mexican food, I think it’s actually…local to the mayan zone (yucatan peninsula, guatemala and belize). Imagine a square of corn dough filled with creamy chicken. It’s amazing. And super fattening, hahaha.

They’re usually baked underground but today most bake them in conventional ovens. 

i’m loading the pictures i took when my phone has battery, meanwhile enjoy a picture courtesy of google images