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E tutta questa gente che sta insieme senza amore non ha il coraggio di cambiare. E tutta questa gente che si ama e non sta insieme non ha il coraggio di rischiare. Ma tutta questa gente così ferma dove pensa di andare? Sempre in viaggio e sempre così lontana dall'amore. Tutta questa gente non lo sa e non lo sa neppure lei, signorina, che il dolore lo esorcizzo per non sentirlo chiacchierare troppo forte. Se ci rido sopra lo sento meno. E mi sento meno solo. Tutta questa gente siamo noi.
—  Massimo Bisotti.

And what is the truth, sometimes this can be obstructed by our own perception and emotions of what is real. To understand the meaning behind the motives every single person has which is involved in the situation and look closely at every single piece of evidence. Observing someone directly, you can already tell whether they are hiding, lying or misdirecting the conversation. A person’s motives influence their process of decision making, they could be avoiding the subject because they are still unsure of whether to trust you or maybe they believe they are doing the right thing, raising questions whether it’s for someone else or if they are doing this for themselves. I presume that most people regard themselves as good patrons of society, guided by one reason, group or another. But when all the pieces eventually form a picture and it’s never something mildly attractive to view. Whether they are conscious of this recognition, they have hurt you dearly while being mindlessly unaware that you know.

Scorpio has doubts about people, because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. When you are capable of seeing the worst in humanity, this can overshadow the light. 

-A Scorpio Woman 

All the way up 🙏🏽🌍 #truth #lift #people #higherconsciousness #bethechange #worldpeace #peace #love #unity #respect #happiness #health #positivity #grow #together #life #is #about #connection #abundance #spirituality #vegan #lifestyle #healthy #happy #positive #mind #king #smile :)

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Colors of Damodar

This photo was taken in Durgapur. Durgapur is a small town in India famous for its trade business of sarees. Local people wash these colorful sarees everyday and dry them on the banks of the river Damodar as a part of their daily routine which is also their livelihood.

Photo Series:  Colors of Damodar
By Siddharth Setia

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