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none of these probably exist, but any parks and rec x yuri on ice or percy jackson x yuri on ice fics?

Parks and Rec:

Don’t You Know That’s the Way Love Comes?

Deputy Director of the Parks Department Victor Nikiforov gets the surprise of his life when the city government gets a visit from a pair of auditors.

This Building Has Feelings?

Viktor feels extremely strongly about local government. Yuuri just wants to balance his budget. A Parks and Rec AU.

Percy Jackson:

Take me with you

Yuuri Katsuki, son of Hades and sixteen, somehow finds his way into Viktor’s territory. The son of Aphrodite, blessed by Nike, finds an interest in the fellow demigod, and doesn’t want to leave his side.

PJO/Heroes of Olympus AU. Yuuri is sixteen, while Viktor is nineteen.

Where Love Dwells

At twenty-four, Yuri is unbelievably old by normal standards to find out about his godly heritage.

The goddess’s eyes darkens until he’s starting into Otabek’s face. She rubs the slight stubble on her— his??— chin, peering at a mirror that materialized out of nowhere to prod at Otabek’s cheeks and nose, “Ah, so this is your beloved.”

“He’s a friend!” Yuri chokes out, voice breaking.


  • Dean: okay listen up folks we have a serious situation here, as you know when we reach a location I will be conducting a security sweep, also from now on we will be using code names you can address me as eagle one, Lisa! code name, been there done that! Castiel is, currently doing that. Amara is, it happened once in a dream. Anna code name, if I had to pick a girl. Sam is..eagle two.
  • Sam: oh thank god