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I know Maru, Robin, Linus, and even the farmer's spouse can get them out of the mines, but who the hell removes them from the dreaded Skull Dungeon when they pass out there?! Does Harvey work one day only to find the farmer materialize in front of him groaning and covered in gashes or does Pam have to hold her nose and drive them home Grand Theft Auto style? Maybe it's Mr. Qi. Maybe it's his bodyguard. Maybe it's Maybeline(TM)/Magic. Good thing the spouse is none the wiser about it.

I’m sorry, I was going to write something serious for this but I can’t stop laughing at the mental image of Pam just

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can I know a random fact about your oc's, I feel like you don't really give much info on them.

-Vito likes to paint. Barrett brought some in one day and the lil robot just got hooked on painting.
-Barrett has framed every painting Vito’s made for him and hung them around his room. He’s so proud of him.
-Pam lives in her little flower shop by herself. She gets a little lonely so she appreciates whenever friends can stop by. She’d go out herself but she feels safest at home.
-Box very mush enjoys music and whenever he’s alone he just turns the volume high and dances while no ones watching, that is until someone walks in on him and he rushes to turn off the radio and try to play it cool like someone didn’t walk in on him doing something embarrassing.
-Whenever Jamie is stressed, she goes out and just flies over the city to calm down. Her magic broom is incredibly worn out.

I only regret my art skills can’t fully convey the humor that is Pam in GTA mode. Also Sandy probably doesn’t know Pam beyond her name at this point either.

But fainting in the Skull Dungeon is rare for me. When it did happen (the mummies kicked my tail), I really did wonder who the hell crawled in to save her sorry ass and bring her to Harvey…Mr. Qi’s Bodyguard with his invincibility and endless supply of bombs seems to be the best bet at this point.

In other news, local farmer to be chewed out by spouse, in-laws, and Pelican Town residents after initial recovery.