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Could you please write something about Kyoya's S/O fainting while visiting the Host Club?

Of course! I love concerned host club members so much! 

You lay still in the back room of the Host club, a soft blanket covering you up to your shoulders. Kyoya sat beside you, his worried gaze watching every rise and fall of your chest, waiting for you to wake up again. Leaning forward from his spot on the chair, he brushed a strand of hair away from your face, sighing when your eyes still did not open. Kyoya flopped back down on the chair, leaning his elbows on his knees to rest his head in his hands.

You had been serving tea to some of the guests, when you stumbled the first time, a false smile on your lips. Placing the cups down, you took a few uneasy steps away from their table before losing your footing. Your world went black in that moment, the room feeling just a bit too warm, a fever that had wormed its way into your bones. You didn’t feel yourself fall, but within seconds your shoulder had rammed into self into the ground, your body restig on the cool tile flooring.

Now you lay sleeping on an old couch in the back room with your boyfriend looking over you, constantly repeating the sight of you falling over and over again in his head. Kyoya sighed again, his face still in his hands. He should have known, he should have seen that you didn’t feel well. But he didn’t. And now you faced the consequences. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispers, his voice sounding more like a growl than an apology. He was just angry, at himself for not realizing, and at you for not telling him…

‘What…for?” You croak, raising your hand to cradle your pounding head. 

He looks at you in surprise, before quickly gaining his composure. In that next instant you were in his arms, a soft smile on both of your faces. Pulling back, Kyoya readjusted his glasses. 

“I’m going to go get some medicine for you.” He says, sending a calm smile your way.

Tamaki: I think it’d be kinda cool.
Kyoya: So do it.
Tamaki: But can be kinda of risky.
Kyoya: So don’t do it.
Tamaki: But people say we should follow our dreams.
Kyoya: So do it.
Tamaki: But this isn’t my dream.
Kyoya: So don’t do it.
Tamaki: I don’t know what to do.
Kyoya: Me neither.
Tamaki: You give such good advice.
Kyoya: You’re welcome.


A sneak peek into my future wedding.

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  • Kyoya(raising his voice slightly so he can speak to Tamaki down at the other end of the grocery store aisle):Do you want any chips?
  • Tamaki(at full volume):I'M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR COMMONER DORITOS