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This is almost entirely fluff as a break from a really angsty one-shot I’ve also been working on.  I have some other stuff in the works (including a canon one-shot, AU one-shot, and multi-chap), but I thought I’d get this out.  Hope you enjoy!


Summary: Professor Killian Jones’ history lecture gets a surprise visitor. (NOT StudentxProfessor)

Everybody taking one of Professor Killian Jones’ lectures knew Mrs. Jones.  Or, if they didn’t know she was actually his wife, they knew the blonde woman who he called “Swan” and who occasionally snuck into the room and made their professor’s always excited grin grow even wider.

She first appeared in the middle of his Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Political Theory lecture about three lectures into the class.  About one-third of the female population was drooling over the handsome professor with the accent talking about the Spartan system of government when the blonde woman slid into the room and sat in the chair behind his desk as he lectured in front of the projector.

The students who first noticed her assumed she was an older student who was either playing a prank or trying to catch the eye of Professor Jones by doing something bold. However, when the man caught sight of her, he merely smiled and asked, “Well, Swan, since you seem so eager to learn, can you tell me who first imposed this code of laws on Sparta?”

She frowned thoughtfully and responded, “Lucretius?”

He chuckled. “Lycurgus, love.  But I can tell you’re listening.”  He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head before turning back to his class.  “Let’s go ahead and take our break now.  Five minutes and be back here.”

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  • The Black Fairy: The police did find evidence of what happened to Belle. I just wanted to save you and Gideon the heartbreak. Look at these pictures.
  • Gold: She took up graphic design?
  • The Black Fairy: What? No, she's traveling the world. Here she is in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Gold: These are all clearly terrible Photoshop jobs. Did she make these? Her teacher must be awful.
  • The Black Fairy: No! These are all real! Look how much fun she's having without you.
  • Gold: Has she been doing this for the entire time she's been away? Because these wouldn't fool anybody.
  • The Black Fairy: Apparently not.

Last night, a member of our Once Upon a time family was among those that lost their life in such a terrible, cruel way. My heart goes out to Georgina’s family, friends and all that knew her.

The impact of this event has affected individuals far and wide and many are left grieving this terrible tragedy.

Look out for one another. Be patient with each other. We are a family. At times like this, we must stand together.

Love to you all ❤

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you've done anything on it (I tried looking before I asked but) have you done a meta regarding the apple tree on Lucy's book?

Hey Anon,

not really… I have updated this post about Emma’s tattoo. Obviously the apple tree is connected to Regina. I think Emma’s tattoo - which appeared for the first time when Regina offered her an apple - may be an apple blossom.

When Emma first accepted the apple, she wasn’t ready for it. Henry took it and tossed it away. She needed to deal with her issues surrounding Henry first. Now with their mutual True Love’s kiss, Emma’s finally dealt with the traumas from her past connected to Henry.

Looks like the new book will be about Regina’s story…

There’s a bit in The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black I was reading that got my attention, but I’m still thinking about how the pieces fit together.

The Morning Star is, of course, Venus. The Bible, therefore, identifies Lucifer with the planet Venus. It might seem counter-intuitive to equate the goddess of Venus in Greece and Rome - Aphrodite to the Greeks - with Lucifer in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Venus/Aphrodite is female and seems more life-enhancing. But in reality there are key points of similarity.

Both Lucifer and Venus/Aphrodite are bound up with animal desire and sexuality. The apple is the fruit associated with both. Lucifer tempts Eve with an apple and Paris hands Venus an apple in a gesture that precipitates the abduction of Helen and the Great War of the ancient world. The apple is universally the fruit of Venus because if you slice an apple in two, the path that Venus traces in the sky over the forty-year period is a five-pointed star, pinpointed by the position of the pips.

Lucifer and Venus are also ambiguous figures. Lucifer is evil, but he is a necessary evil. Without Lucifer’s intervention, proto-humanity would not have evolved beyond a vegetative form of life. As a result of Lucifer’s intervention in history we are animated, both in the sense that we can move about the surface of the planet and also in the sense that we are moved by desire. An animal has a conscious awareness of itself as a distinct entity that is denied to plants. To say that Adam and Eve ‘knew they were naked’ is to say that they became aware that they had bodies.

We have a new character called Lucy, we have an apple tree and we have Lily’s tattoo which looked like the Venus star and is in the same place as Emma’s tattoo.

If the tattoo disappeared and it was an apple blossom… does that mean it has blossomed into an apple?

So, these are the bits and pieces I’m currently working with, thought I’d share in case it sparks something with someone.


More videos from OUAT Vancouver Convention. I’m splitting it in different parts coz I didn’t want it to be too long.