‘..It’s revealed that the child has a star birthmark on her wrist, just like the one young Lily and Emma bonded over as children. “When we introduced Lily in episode 5 of the season, we had a big plan for her and now we’re paying it off,” Horowitz tells EW. “There was no accident to the idea that we showed her birthmark. We wanted to establish a connection and something special about her early on.’” [x]

  • Hook:If my brother could see me now, he'd be so ashamed.
  • Emma:What do you mean?
  • Hook:Of the pirate I became after his death.
  • Emma:*laughs*
  • Hook:Are you laughing at me Swan?
  • Emma:Yes. Because if your brother could see you now, he'd be so proud of the man you are today.
  • Hook:*looks away*
  • Emma:*makes him look at her* Of the man I fell in love with.