can we talk about Youngjae running to get more members to join his and Zelo’s Vlive, and came running back screaming “everyone! I caught the big fish! Yongguk-hyung will be here soon!” and then Daehyun walks in and goes “look, I brought someone with me” and goes all TAH-DA-DA as Yongguk walks through the door, and everyone starts cheering and Youngjae is clapping his hands all “he came!” and oh my god can we talk about how much these boys love their Bang leader bc I’m emotional

YG: Himchan, hurry up! It’s gonna be over.
Dh: 3, 2,1!
Staff: you have 30 seconds left.

HC: What??! (kick Daehyun) Are you playing around with your hyung?
DH: Stop kicking me, I’m 25 years old already

BAP laughing* (yongguk laughing the background  :´D )
DH: if you are 28, you have a right to do anything? We are getting older together

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